3 Demographics that Need Device Protection the Most

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In 2016, around 1.5 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. As the number of total devices continues to rise, so does the number of those that get damaged. On average, device damage costs Americans around $10.7 billion a year. With such an expensive fix, many consumers want to know how they can prevent these damages before they happen.

Well, a little self-awareness is a great place to start. While anyone can experience a mobile mishap, certain demographics are more likely to damage their devices than others. So, if you fall into one of the three categories listed below, you may want to think long and hard about additional protection when purchasing a new wireless device.

Men are 57 percent more likely to drop their phones in the toilet.

Did you know that liquid submersion is one of the most common ways to damage a device? Liquid damage ruins nearly 11 percent of phones every year, and it often plagues men more than women. This can probably be attributed to many men often carrying their phones or other devices in their back pockets. One wrong move and a wireless device could experience its first swirly.

12 percent of fans have thrown their device while watching a sporting event.

Sporting events can present a volatile mix of rivalry and revelry, often fueled by alcohol. Obviously, none of these things are particularly safe for delicate items like wireless devices, especially when the pressure is really on and the blood begins to boil. While some people throw their remote, others throw their phone. If you fall in the latter category, you may want to consider additional device protection. Oh, and sporting events are also a high-risk environment for that pesky liquid damage. 13 percent of sports fans have dropped their device…into their beer! Talk about a buzz kill.

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50 percent of teens claim they would prefer a broken bone than a broken phone

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Yes, you read that right: half of teens find a fracture preferable to a broken wireless device. While we hope no teenager has to make that choice, they may want to choose to add a little extra protection for their phones given that teens are 16 percent more likely to damage their devices than older generations. Being a teen often involves raucous football games, pool parties, and numerous other spontaneous activities, all of which can put a device in jeopardy.

If you’re a passionate sports fan, parent of a teenager, or just a guy who simply likes to keep his phone in his back pocket, sorry: you’re at higher risk for device damage. Luckily, there are valuable warranty and protection programs that can help you overcome the risks.

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