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Google is now smarter than ever. Using hundreds of ranking factors in the algorithm, the system crawls sites, validates their relevance, and gives top ones a well-deserved place in the Google search. And unsurprisingly, the position of this or that website will significantly depend on the quality of content it’s filled with.

What does it mean for you as a musician?

If you want to optimize your presence in search engines, you’ll need to become a bit of a content marketer to leverage your website and increase its visibility. This way, people will get access to the actual information related to you, thereby helping to expand the reach and enhance recognition. If you struggle with writing about music career but want to share your extensive experience with others, there are many content writing services wherein you can order necessary information and get the quality paper for a reasonable price.

In this article, we’ll cover three ultimate writing tips to upgrade your website text and better site ranking in search engine results pages. Ready to dive in?

1. Make Your Page Title Stand Out

It’s best to start search engine optimization from page titles, and for a good reason. Page titles are the very first thing web users see while conducting a Google search, and the first information they read about you before deciding to visit your website. Therefore, following basic requirements for creating catchy titles can help increase your click-through rates and raise the chances of ranking higher in Google.

The proper page title checklist includes the creation of short, simple, and informative titles for your website. Sounds simple? Wait for it – there are a couple of steps involved in the process. First, you’ll need to come up with strong focus keywords or key phrases for your title and supplement them with secondary words of your choice. The point is that keywords should be placed at the very beginning and not exceed the length of 60 characters. Also, don’t forget to write a catchy title that’ll outperform generic ones and welcome people to visit your page.

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2. Craft an Awesome Page Description

Meta description is the second essential website element that comes after the page title section. Page description allows to present a short overview of your music, providing the search engine with more information about the page. Bear in mind that different pages will contain different page descriptions.

For example, the Home page can tell information about you or your band in detail, such as the history of creation, origin, genres and group members. On the Music page, you can write about the sound, musical style or group projects. The Events page will describe the upcoming concerts or mention the places where you play regularly. Eventually, no matter what information you write, make sure to use a maximum of 155 characters. Otherwise, people’s attention span will shorten to milliseconds, and they’ll lose interest in exploring your musical world further.

3. Fill Your Website With Exclusive Content

While Google has indeed become smarter, differentiating between optimized and non-optimized sites, it’s still a machine. Thus, it cannot perceive and digest information other than the text, in comparison to humans. So such visual data as videos, audio files, and images are out of Google’s sight.

If you want to post an audio of your songs, you can add lyrics and kill two birds with one stone: help the engine detect a textual element and make the audio visible, and also provide website visitors with useful content. Likewise, if you want to post videos from concerts or other important events, write a short video description to help visitors understand what they’re going to see. Plus, such description will help the search engine identify the presence of text on a webpage.

4. Make Your Website a Visitor Magnet

To do this, no special magic is needed. At this point, you can complement the website with pretty much everything you deem appropriate and helpful to entice as many visitors to your medium as possible. For instance, you could share some unique information about your lyrics, telling readers about the time when you created a song while taking the elevator. Also, you might want to release a story about why the lyrics were written in the first place or what historical events they refer to. Put a cherry on top and post the very first version of the lyrics before it was tweaked and refined to fit the current variant. People also adore it when bands outline how they initiated the idea of making music together, so you can do this too. Share photos of your group when it only started to evolve to recall the moments of nostalgia and call visitors to experience these emotions.

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Another significant point for each musician to consider while creating impact through website is the “news” section. This content block with your musical life updates can help to fill your website with the top information, which in turn will be ranked as relevant by Google. Pair that with the addition of proper links and the Google ranking of your website will increase twofold. Of course, playing music is never equal to writing, and your content might look not as professional as others will expect it to be. There’ll be lots of editing and proofreading ahead, but using the right tools and resources, you can turn your website into an eye-candy in no time.

As you can see, there are only a few chances to get noticed on the Internet today without strategically planned musician website optimization. To climb up the ladder of success, you’ll need to include such web page elements as content and links. These are the main drivers of website effectiveness that can amplify click-through rates and bring in more visitors. Now that you know more about how the content works for SEO, you can implement these writing strategies to make your site more search engine friendly. Create music, share it, and have fun adding off-the-wall information to diversify your site.

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