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5 SEO Hacks You Cannot Afford To Miss In 2019

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly the mainstay of digital marketing because it establishes your online existence. Essentially, it is all about taking your website to the top of the search rankings by applying the right set of tactics. But SEO is far more challenging than it sounds because of its dynamic nature. The consistent updates in Google’s search algorithm always keep SEO professionals on their toes. This is because your strategy needs to be tweaked from time to time to align with these changes. What works today may become obsolete a few months from now. So you really need to keep track of everything you do and ensure that it is in tandem with the latest trends if you want your strategies to work. Let us share a few SEO hacks that you cannot afford to miss in 2019.

Align with the voice search technology

Voice search has emerged as one of the major SEO trends in 2019 and is likely to grow even bigger in the future. In fact, almost half of the online searches will be conducted via voice in the coming year. Wouldn’t it be wise to align your strategy with this trend right now? The sooner you do it, the better it is because you may end up missing on a major chunk of visitors if you don’t. First things first, you need to understand that voice searches are done using sentences and questions. So what you really need to do is to optimize your content with conversational keywords rather than the conventional ones.

Ensure that your content and posts are easy to comprehend

Without any doubt, content is the mainstay of SEO and you cannot survive without the pillar of quality content. However, you need to understand that the presentation and formatting of content matters as much. The reason is that these factors influence the readability of the content and make it easier to comprehend. Formatting the posts by making the paragraphs shorter and having shorter sentences, subheadings and bullet points helps. This makes content easier to read and users are more likely to go through its entirety. In the end, this makes them stick longer and reduces the bounce rate, which automatically improves your SEO rankings.

Focus on user intent and be relevant

Another SEO hack that you must absolutely bring in action in 2019 is to focus on user intent and be relevant. If you go through, you will see that SEO is all about relevance. Unless you have content that is relevant to the user’s intent, Google will not rank your website. So the first step is to understand the intent and expectations of the user and match it with your content. Give the users what they want, both in terms of content value and the keywords it has. Once you align it this way, your strategy will definitely bring measurable results.

Leverage YouTube for higher rankings

Just like voice, video marketing is another tactic that you cannot afford to ignore in 2019. Include videos in your content strategy and optimize them for ranking higher on YouTube.Being one of the popular search engines, YouTube can boost the traffic to your website to a considerable extent. Once you implement this strategy, you will get a huge audience and understand the difference it makes. Moreover, users love interactive content and there is nothing better than videos in this context. Create interesting video content such as product stories, how-to guides and more to win the attention of the audience. 

Prioritize high-quality backlinks

Besides content, backlinks are the most vital elements of an SEO strategy. However, the biggest mistake with backlinks is that people focus on numbers rather than quality. This year, prioritizing the quality of your backlinks is what will do the trick. The reason is that Google considers the health of your link profile while allocating search rankings. The more of high-quality backlinks that it has, the better are your chances to make it to the top. Steer clear of practices such as buying backlinks and building low-quality ones. Rather, work on strategies such as blogger outreach to get quality backlinks that serve as long-term assets for your website. Following these hacks can surely make you win the SEO game in 2019. In addition to these, stick to the basics such as quality content, use of the right keywords and optimization of on-page parameters. Also, ensure that you track the campaign consistently and keep realigning it for better results. After all, SEO is a continuous tactic rather than a one-time task.

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