5 Things You Need To Know About Augmented Reality

5 Things You Need To Know About Augmented Reality


With digital innovation, every business is adopting different strategies to do something different. One of the top innovations in the digital world is augmented reality. Note that augmented reality is not virtual reality; it’s different.

Some top global companies have already adopted this technology. However, it has not become widespread for small businesses. In this article, you will learn about some important aspects of augmented reality and how it can revolutionize businesses in the coming days.

Things to Know About Augmented Reality

Since it’s a new concept for many business owners in the United States, they prefer to hire the Best Augmented Reality Agencies in New York to implement it in their company. Learn about augmented reality before you adopt it for your business.

1.     Augmented Reality is Not A New Concept

Do you know the fact that augmented reality is not a new concept? It has a long history since 1956. There was a device called Sensorama, which was first believed to be the first concept of augmented reality.

However, augmented reality was first recognized after a Boeing researcher used graphics and the physical world to describe the works to aircraft technicians. Another notable example in history was the head-mounted display by Ivan Sutherland in 1966. So, augmented reality has a long history; it’s not a new concept. 

2.     AR Is Highly Engaging and Creates Lasting Impressions

Another great benefit of augmented reality is the immersive experience. It can create long-term impressions in the brain when you are exposed to a highly engaging environment. For example, visual content like images or infographics can last longer than textual content. 

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A video might remain in our minds for days more than simple texts and images. Similarly, when a user is exposed to augmented reality or virtual reality, it will create a highly engaging and lasting impression. It has a significant benefit in the education industry because students can memorize things for longer periods. One of the recent features in Facebook allows marketers to use augmented reality in their social media ads.

3.     AR is Not As Expensive As People Think

Yes, it’s true that augmented reality was expensive for small businesses. However, it’s gradually becoming cheaper day-by-day. With some advanced software, it’s easier and cheaper to implement AR in businesses without developing code.

Small businesses can implement AR in their organization with some available apps. Apart from that, businesses can create their AR platform with a few dollars of investment. However, it may cost high for adding large-scale customs in the app. 

4.     Many People are Suspicious About AR

Although augmented reality has certain benefits, many people are still suspicious about it. One of the best examples is Google Glass. The product offered great features, but people never adopted it mainly because many people found it could destroy their privacy. Others can use it to spy on them, so it never gained popularity.

So, it’s an important lesson for marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to be careful while developing any product or service. They should consider whether it’s not violating or causing any negative impact in the social and political impact.

5.     Some Notable Real-World Applications of AR

Finally, take a look at some of the notable real-world applications of augmented reality in the business world. Some of the top global companies, including Adidas, IKEA, Topshop, Vespa, Converse shoes, have adopted augmented reality to give their customers an immersive experience.

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Although the companies mentioned above are from the retail industry, it applies to different industries. It is used in different industries, including education, hospital, construction, marketing, travel, fashion, etc.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to understand augmented reality and how it impacts businesses. Although it has not been adopted widely, it will gradually disrupt different industries in the coming days. Please share your opinion about augmented reality in the comments section.

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