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Advantages of Guest Blogging

Guest posting has become quite common these days in the Blog and website world.

A guest post provides a fresh voice and attracts attention from people.

It helps in publicizing the blog/website at a bigger level. If the guest who posts is an expert in the field, then it makes it all the more interesting for the readers to engage with the article posted.

With various techniques being adopted towards increasing web traffic in the cyber era, introducing guest posting to your website or blog as a regular feature could help you increase is popularity in the following ways.

Guest posting is a the easiest way to hit multiple birds with a single shot.

Before proceeding further, I would love to explain few of the things which you must keep in mind before doing guest blogging.

1. Make sure you have email subscription option on your blog

This is the biggest asset of your blog.

On Blogging Cage I have added subscription box on the homepage, right sidebar, after post entry and on popup.. means I am trying my best to capture more subscribers.

So before writing any guest post make sure that you have added a good looking subscription box on your blog.

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2. Make sure you have ‘about me’ page on your blog

This is the second most visited page on your blog. This is the page where you are going to make personal bonding with your first time visitor.

Make sure that you have written very well in your about me page explaining your expertise and future goals.

3. Make sure that your blog is good looking

The first impression is the last impression.

If you fail to convince the first time visitor you lost it.

Work on the design of your blog and add all the elements which must be there to make it a good looking blog.

4. Make sure you have free time of at least 7 days

This is the time when any blog post gets most interaction. Be active on the blog after submitting the guest post, reply to comments and make a good conversation environment.

Submitting a guest post on a good blog and not replying to comments is a BIG mistake. This will not only make your relations worse with the blog owner, but you are not going to get any expected output also.

So always make a schedule having 7 days to reply the comments.

Once you have made all the changes as suggested above, you are good to go.

Here Are Advantages of Guest Posting

#1. Your Website Remain Fresh

One of the main advantages of introducing guest posting feature on your blog or website is providing novelty to your regular readers and giving a reason for new visitors to stay on the blog.

People who read your blog or website regularly must be quite used to the voice and opinions of the regular writers.

Giving them something completely new would encourage them to read more and interact more. As far as new visitors are concerned, a guest author who is well versed in that specific area is a good enough reason to stay on the website and continue to read.

#2. Better Social Media Interaction

There is no doubt that the social networking websites are immensely affecting the websites are being ranked.

While you update your Twitter or Facebook with the guest lecture news, a lot of people outside your network, who are familiar with the work of the guest author might also be interested in becoming a regular reader of your blog/website.

Features like retweets, likes, and shares on these social networking sites would help you in further publicizing the new feature as well as your web portal.

This way both the readers as well as owners of the blog/website would be benefitted in a major way.

#3. Better Search Engine Optimization

Another important advantage of using guest posting feature is the indirect way in which it would contribute towards search engine optimization. People who surf the internet with the keywords related to the guest author’s subject would also be directed to your website or blog.

This, in turn, would lead to increase in traffic for your website. However, for this method to be effective, it’s important that you include appropriate keywords in the article posted. The relevance of the keywords used is the key to attracting more traffic.

However, care should be taken to avoid keyword stuffing which might lead you in the negative direction.

Finally, make sure that the guests you choose are perfect for your website. This could have a major impact on the way your site is ranked. Do not choose someone purely based on their fame and area of interest. Things like experience, compatibility, and confluence in thoughts also matter a lot.

#4. Quality Leads

As an internet marketer, your prime goal must be email subscribers.

Having a good number of email subscribers will not only keep you safe from Google Panda, Penguin updates but you are going to make good relations with your readers also.

You can send them mails when you want, and you can promote any products very easily.

So guest blogging is going to help you get email subscribers from other blogs as well. Focus on writing quality posts as guest posts on a good blog so that people love to visit your blog from the author bio of your guest post.

#5. Relations

Relations are the most important thing if you want to survive in internet marketing.

Building relations must be one of your tasks if you want to learn and leverage the audience of other great bloggers.

By submitting quality posts on other good blogs and interacting with their audience in the comment section will make them feel good. This will strengthen your relations with the owner of that blog which you can use for the good.

For building long term relationships with the owner, you must submit atleast one quality post every month on his/her blog.

#6. Brand Awareness

If you are running any business where you are selling any service and physical product, then guest blogging is a must to do activity for your brand recognition.

According to one survey 48% people make their mind to purchase after reading on blogs.

So make sure that you are telling people about your brand using guest blogging tool.

Final Words

Keep the above-given tips in mind and work your way towards introducing this new feature to your website.

The important point to remember is taking small steps that would lead to productive results instead of rushing into something without giving a deep thought.

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