7 Compelling Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Video Marketing

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Video Marketing

“The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web”Michael Litt

In today’s era, people always look for the solution over the web before making any decision. Around 54% of individuals browse social media to research products. By evaluating the interest of users, most of the organizations prefer maintaining their online presence to keep users informed and enhance business productivity. 

From websites to video marketing, there are various things that help marketers in keeping their business in the top searches. No matter whether you want to reach existing clients or new ones, video marketing can be used on every platform and channel. 

Approximately 87% of the professionals are using videos as a part of their marketing strategy as 8 out of 10 people make a purchase after watching a video.

When I personally entered into the video marketing world, I realized how easy it is to grab the visitors’ attention and build trust. It is really worth it to add videos for promoting the business. As there are different types of videos, I personally prefer using explainer videos because 95% of the people watch explainer videos to understand the product/service. 

If you are reading this article, you might be pondering over whether you should incorporate video as a part of your marketing strategy or not. No Worries!!! In this article, you will learn various reasons why video marketing has become a staple of the business world.

Here are seven best reasons that will compel you to use video as your marketing strategy. 

Reason- 1 Skyrocket your Conversions and Sales 

Converting anonymous visitors into leads and then into customers over the web is not a cakewalk. It needs a lot of hard work and effort. Organizations using the video marketing approach are able to convert more customers without putting extra effort and time. 

Well! Videos allow organizations to make a lot of money. As per the study, 90% of the customers claim that videos help them in making a purchasing decision. So, better craft your videos to directly convert your leads to sales. 

Visuals are the most effective way to transmit information to our brains. This especially works for the people who aren’t big readers and like watching videos. 

If you want to boost the conversion rate by upto 80% similar to other companies, then prefer adding compelling and informative videos on landing pages. As it will not only increase the conversions but also accelerates your ROI. 

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Reason- 2 High Rate of Social Shares 

It cannot be denied that the more the number of shares, the better the brand awareness. According to Small Business Trends, social videos generate 1200% more shares than other posts like text and images. 

Once you are able to maintain your social presence, you will see a huge escalation in your business sales. So, always make an entertaining video because 76% of individuals will share the branded video only if they find video entertaining and educational. 

Start encouraging social shares not just to increase website traffic, but also to make your business ever-growing. 

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Reason- 3 Grab Google’s web crawlers attention

Well! Most of the organizations are putting their best efforts to keep their website on the front page of google. Isn’t it? You might be one of them. 

Video marketing is one of the best ways to make people stay on your website. Its high-quality content and incorporation of the right keywords win the visitor’s attention in the competitive world because 80% of the people remember what they watch instead of what they see and hear. 

As per Moovly, websites incorporating videos are 53 times more likely to show up on google because google loves videos. Since Google now owns videos, therefore, search engine ranking of the website using videos has increased tremendously. 

A Hot Tip: To keep your website in the top searches, try to optimize the embedded videos with SEO friendly titles and attractive description. Thus, give visitors a way to take their step forward towards your website.

Reason- 4 Effective Ways to Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of every business. If you are successful in building trust, then you are almost there to reach your business goals. The entire concept of video marketing is based on creating long-lasting relationships and igniting customer’s emotions. 

Around 57% of customers believe that videos build more confidence to purchase a product. By uploading a 60-second video clip, you can easily win the hearts of both massive audiences and followers. 

So, if you want people to come to you, then give them more confidence as it will influence them to make a purchase. 

Reason- 5 More Appealing to Mobile Users

Indeed, mobile and videos are like sugar and tea. There are millions of people who spend a couple of hours watching videos. According to the youtube reports, the consumption of videos rises 100% every year. That’s why the usage of videos in the marketing world is getting bigger and bigger.

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If you incorporate videos in your marketing strategy, then there are more chances that the number of your audience will grow gradually. Moreover, to stand out of the box, it’s vital for the organizations to know what the audience loves the most and how it can create a personal experience for people. 

Thus, give the users a better choice by creating excellent and educational videos and give one more reason to your audience to choose you over others in the market. 

Reason- 6 Powerful Way to Explain Everything 

If you are unable to explain your product/service to the visitors, then it might have a negative impact on your business. 

Indeed, making people know how your new products work online is something challenging. But, the companies who use video marketing approach are able to explain complex concepts in a simplified way to stay competitive. 

98% of the people say that they easily understand the product/service after watching an explainer video. 

If you also want to capture the attention of visitors and make them purchase your product/service, then it’s time to adopt a unique way. Similar to successful organizations, you can create blockbuster videos that are both entertaining and informative.  

Reason- 7 Increases Engagement of Laziest Buyers

Video is a super effective tool that can work wonders in encouraging laziest buyers. Videos not only capture a wide audience but also are easy to consume.

In this busy world, no one has enough time to read long product descriptions. If the reader does not find the resource relevant, then without a single thought, he/she will redirect to another site, which will increase the bounce rate. Therefore, 56% of consumers believe that organizations should use videos on their website. 

So, if you want the visitors to stay on your site, then use intuitive and powerful videos to bump up the interest of visitors, including laziest buyers. 

In a Nutshell

If I am not wrong, then you might have realized the reason behind the success of organizations. Ofcourse, it’s a video marketing approach. It is the one that creates real miracles in the online business world at minimum cost.

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