72 essential features of an ecommerce site [infographic]

A visual checklist to the essential features of an ecommerce site to ensure success

Your site needs to have quality products that attract customers and a user-friendly design to convert users into loyal and recurring customers.

There is already a well-established set of standards regarding the features of an ecommerce site. But a beautiful site with great products won’t ensure the success of your online store. You need to know which features are really important to convert your customers.

Typically about 60 – 80% of customers leave ecommerce sites without making a purchase. And only 22% businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. But by introducing the proper design elements you can lower this rate and increase your sells.

The following infographic by WebAlive shows 72 ecommerce features of an ecommerce site that is more or less crucial for its success. Apart from an improvement of conversion, the features mentioned in this infographic will improve the overall usability of your site.

Though each ecommerce site is different, you will find that the general features mentioned in the infographic are applicable to any ecommerce site. It presents the features on a page by page basis, visually showing the optimal placement of design elements.

Apart from the design, the infographic also refers to the crucial backend features that are necessary to ensure proper manageability of your online business. These features are fairly common in every standard CMS. But just like the design elements, the infographic will help you to determine which of the backend features are crucial.

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Finally, it mentions some other features, like – responsive design, security, and page speed – which are must-haves for a modern ecommerce site.

Whether you are designing a new site or redesigning your existing one, this infographic will help to keep track of the essential features among other stylistic elements.

ecommerce website features infographic

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