9 Easy Tips to Make Killer Instagram Videos

9 Easy Tips to Make Killer Instagram Videos

Instagram (IG) videos offer limitless power. You can use these videos to enhance your IG page’s engagement and successfully promote any product or service. You can also use Instagram to increase your visibility on social media.

It has been noticed that videos on Instagram increase engagement compared to pictures. This means that if you are looking at growing your Instagram page, then you must consider utilizing video content.

However, creating a unique IG video that sets you apart and highlights your page is essential. So how can you achieve it?

We have put together 9 simple suggestions to help you make killer IG videos to impress your audience and boost your IG page.

• Create videos of high-quality content

Social media users love videos with high-quality content, particularly true for Instagram users. Therefore, you must offer your audience a video that they can thoroughly enjoy and share with friends and family.

You do not need to utilize a professional camera to make such a video. If you’re working with a tight budget, you can use your smartphone because you can create high-quality videos by tweaking the camera settings.

However, there are certain essential factors that you must consider while creating an IG video:

Editing tools

Enhancing the content of your video is continual work, and you can utilize specific editing tools. The Instagram video editor is also an excellent tool that you could utilize to customize and enhance your videos. You can add frames, filters, and much more through an editing tool.

Good lighting

You must refrain from utilizing the “burning effect.” Always make sure you’re facing the light or place the light on the thing you are shooting. Avoid pointing the light towards the camera.

Steady shots

Always keep your videos steady. However, if you are shooting an experience on a roller coaster, it could be an exception because it would make comprehensible scenes for your audience.

Select an ideal thumbnail

Every Instagram user enjoys scrolling through various feeds, and often there are a few things that catch our attention and make the user stop scrolling. An ideal thumbnail catches the attention of the audience.

While uploading the video on IG, it gives you an option to select a particular scene from your video and use it as the cover of your video. Make sure you select an interesting shot from the video in order to capture your audience’s attention. When the cover has vibrant colors and great quality visuals with text that is relatable, people are drawn to take a peek at the video.

Keep it short

Always keep your IG videos short. Many users do not like spending a lot of time on particular things.

Instagram recognizes this and offers the below video length for every feature:

• IG Stories can be kept for up to 15 seconds.

• IG reels cannot exceed 30 seconds.

• IG video posts can last up to a minute.

While creating a video for IG, please remember to utilize the most critical shorts to complete the video.

Add captions

Most IG users watch videos without even turning on audio. This is because the users access their IG accounts from places that may not be ideal for viewing videos with audio. Therefore, various users keep scrolling and browsing through the feed, and many, at times, view videos without the audio on.

Therefore, making videos with captions can be extremely beneficial. It attracts the audience’s attention, especially if they are viewing it with the audio muted. Moreover, you can easily convey a message through the video. This often piques the viewer’s interest, and they turn the audio on to understand it better.

Keep the captions short because lengthy captions in the video will disinterest your audience. It gets very inconvenient to read long text while watching a video.

Right dimensions

We all enjoy shopping online. Imagine you ordered your favorite outfit, but it is not even half your size. It would be extremely disappointing if all the wait was in vain.

This is a similar thing that happens on IG. If your video is uploaded with the incorrect dimensions, it will look stretched. This can disappoint your followers, leaving an unprofessional and negative impression. Your goal is to attract your audience to like all your videos and anxiously wait for the next one.

The video dimension differs depending on where you’re posting your video. Any business pages or influencers that post their videos in the portrait format? The portrait format makes the video look unique and stand out. It is also easily noticed by people on their feed.

Excellent video content

You make videos with excellent content that stands out. You must think outside the box and develop ideal tactics to help with aesthetic content. Recognize your audience and try to understand what your audience would enjoy.

You can also take a look at the present trends and create a video on the similar lines. Some trending and popular videos are time-lapse and hyper-lapse.

Use music that is dynamic

Music is an excellent way to enhance your IG videos. When you utilize music, you can communicate a certain emotion or create a mood that you require your audience to feel while they are viewing your video.

Cross-promote your IG videos

Once your video is uploaded, you can cross-promote it. For example, a video on your IG feed can also be used on your story. Thus, you can enhance your video. All your live IG can be added as an IGTV post; it will stay on your IG page forever.

Always share the videos you make on every platform that offers them. Furthermore, keep a track of your IG analytics. It will help you to boost your audience’s engagement.

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