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Having an idea about the domain authority of the page will lead to creating better marketing strategies.

A website with good domain authority will have a good impact on the visitor.

While new websites look for an excellent page to create backlinks, they check pages with high domain authority.

Although domain authority is not directly linked with search engine ranking but still matters a lot.

A page with more backlinks gets good rankings on google. So, people search for authoritative pages to give them backlinks.

This thing helps them in SERP. But the concept of ranking on google with high domain authority is wrong.

Before diving deep, let’s know a little about domain authority.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a factor introduced by Moz that helps find the authority of pages on search engines.

DA score is valuable only to check the position of your competitors and watch where you are standing.

People check the domain authority of a page through DA Checker and make a conception about page worth.

Let’s you have a shop of mobile phone. Your competitor has sold 40 mobile phones in one month.

So, you will ultimately try to sell more than him. Even though it is neither giving benefit to the market nor harming it.

But it will positively impact the visitors, and they will prefer a place with more traffic.

Same in this case, domain authority increases the value of the website or page in front of the audience.

Now the question rises here. If domain authority is for an impression of your page, what is its impact on search engines?

Let’s talk about it and end the confusion of people.

Domain authority checker

Domain authority is not related to SERP directly. Moz checks near 40 factors to provide domain authority.

It is less than one-fourth of google policies. For example, Google uses almost 200 approaches to rank a page.

Domain authority doesn’t affect the ranking of a page.

Although, people trust such pages or websites easily as they have good traffic on them.

But it is not essential that a page with high DA is always good and will get rankings on search engines.

Sometimes the websites with low domain authority get good rankings than those with high DA.

They may be present on the very first page of search engines. It is because they are following the policies of Google.

So, the main idea here we all get is that DA is not directly affecting SERP. It only helps to get more traffic on your page.

Let’s talk about one more thing that how a person can increase the domain authority of the page.

What factors can help to increase the DA of a page?

Numerous factors should be considered to increase the domain authority. Here, we will discuss some of the factors that are needed to improve DA.

Backlinking is the most crucial factor that will help to increase traffic on the page.

When you provide links to your page on a related website, it will automatically generate more traffic for you.

While a person will visit a ranked website and finds something relative on your page, he will see your page.

So, it is essential to increase the backlinks with authoritative websites as it will help to get more traffic to your page.

Google also likes this factor and can help to improve SEO and get more ratings on search engines.

2.      Quality content

While publishing the articles on your page or any other website, it is necessary to check the quality.

Content with good quality will have more chances to get ranked as people will respond better to it.

Content with good keywords will be liked by google and will help it place on top pages.

3.      Site speed

The speed of a website matters a lot in getting domain authority. For example, if your page is giving error 404 every time, it will go at the bottom of the table.

So, try to improve the page’s speed that will help improve the DA of the page. Moz always counts this factor while getting DA.

If the response time of that website is high, it will decrease the domain authority of that page.

So, it is necessary to make the website’s speed better to make the user experience better and decrease the bounce rate.

4.      Review your keywords

Using a perfect keyword can make your website thoroughly ranked with days. So, it is the most critical point of all. While publishing any article

, the user should focus on this factor as it will help him get traffic and increase traffic on the page.

1.      Mobile responsive

Almost 60% of web searches are on mobile phones. So, the speed of the website should be fast for mobile phones.

The page should be mobile responsive that can help in increasing domain authority.

How to check domain authority?

Finding the domain authority is not a difficult task. Several tools can check the DA of the page.

To check the worth of any page, one can use a domain authority checker that will provide the values.

A person can check the authority of that page from there.

Domain checker

Final words

Domain authority of a page is essential for building trust and getting more traffic on it.

But relating it with SERP is wrong as domain authority doesn’t have any effect on search engines.

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