A new Ottawa SEO brand emerges

A new brand emerges, serving Ottawa and the surrounding areas. PeanutButter SEO Ottawa can help you increase your leads and grow your business in the Ottawa area.

What is SEO, you ask? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of organically making your website more appealing to google in an effort of ranking higher in the results for a particular keyword.

If you’re a landscaper in the Ottawa area and looking to increase your traffic and of course your leads, you would want a variety of keywords such as: Ottawa landscaper, Ottawa landscaping companies or Ottawa landscape design.

Part of our process if of course to research which are the common keywords used by your potential clients and build a campaign targeting these keywords. It’s important to note, however, that seo is a lengthy investment. This is not an overnight thing. Just like any worthwhile investment, it takes time to pay off. Word of mouth is the best advertising out there. But an Ottawa search engine optimized website is the best advertising that money can buy.

While you’re waiting for such an investment to pay off, it is worth noting that there are other investments you can make to start getting more leads within a week. While these are a tad more expensive, it is a great way to grow your business while you wait for your investment to pay off. Have you ever heard of ad words? This product, now rebranded as google ads, allows you to pay to have your website at the top of google for relevant keywords. This form of advertising is called PPC or Pay-Per-Click. It means exactly what you might think. You pay for every time someone clicks on your link.

Now in the past, these used to be extremely underpriced at several cents a click. Now however you’re looking into the teens or 20s of dollars pre click. At first this may seem scary, as it should. But the only reason you should fear this is if your website does not convert.

If you have a poor website that does not tell your clients what they want to know, then you have a problem, that is why we highly recommend our clients invest in a small landing page built by PeanutButter SEO Ottawa that tell clients exactly what they need to know and how to proceed, either by email or by phone.

Gone are the days of people trusting big corporations with their business. People are thinking local. They want to support smaller businesses and know that if something goes wrong, you’ll be there to correct it, rather than being passed around a big network of phone systems filled with people trying to avoid the problem. We’ve built 100s of these landing pages and we’ll build one that gives your clients the right message in a smooth and effective tone that you’ll be proud of.

If you’re curious what Ottawa Search Engine Optimization would look like for your brand, reach out to us and we’ll create a model, based on your business numbers and show you what kind of gross revenues and associated costs you’d be facing as well as whether or not your industry is even suited for SEO in Ottawa. Because let’s face it, some audiences are not looking for their product or service online. At the end of the day we have to put our name on our work, so we won’t recommend an incorrect service for your business. If SEO is not right for your business we can create on online / offline marketing plan with an execution plan and necessary templates, to set you on the right path. If you need help with execution, we may also be able to help.

If you feel you’d like to have a conversation about this and look at the real numbers with us, we’d happy to sit down with you either in person or virtually to set a plan in motion. Our experts are always at your disposal and we don’t hide behind our email client, either. You can speak with us over the phone any time so that you can real answers in real time. When it comes time to make important decisions for your business, we understand there’s no time to waste.

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