How to buy ETC with BTC

How to buy ETC with BTC

No one today is surprised by digital money and, in particular, cryptocurrency. It became a publicly available and well-known technology and even children are aware of what Bitcoin is. The market is developing extremely dynamically and as at July 2020 there are over three thousand altcoins! New ones are being created constantly, but despite all this diversity Bitcoin continues to be #1. There are only a few tokens really comparable with it and ETC is one of them.

Bitcoin and ETC are similar in many ways: both are electronic currencies bought and sold through the Internet on digital exchanges and both are kept in different kinds of crypto wallets. Both BTC end ETC are decentralized which means they are not issued and they are not under the control of central bank or anybody else. Both are employing blockchain — a distributed ledger technology. Even so, they are not the same and they also have a large number of differences. While Bitcoin was developed as an alternative to fiat, first of its kind, ETC emerged under interesting circumstances. Shortly, it is the version of ETH that existed before the hard fork of Ethereum resulting after the DAO attack. Ethereum Classic allows everyone to create and use Dapps that run on blockchain technology.

We want to help our readers who are freshmen in the crypto community and who want to diversify their crypto portfolio with some popular tokens other than Bitcoin. Below you will see a detailed manual on how to buy ethereum classic with bitcoin that is composed of 3 quick and easy steps using the Quickex swapping service. We chose this platform because we believe it is way faster, safer and more handy than its analogues.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the website.
  2. To find the list of crypto pairs available for exchange scroll the page down. Find the title “Popular exchanges” and push the “BTC to ETC” button.
  3. Find the space for amount input in the box. Write down the quantity of bitcoins you are going to exchange and push the “Exchange” button. Be careful about the order details. Make sure that all the information, inter alia the number of coins is accurate and all the conditions are right for you. Write down in the text boxes your wallet addresses (ETC and BTC) and send your money to the Quickex wallet.

Your job is done here. Now the real exchange process begins. It is also composed of 3 steps, namely:

  • After BTC is confirmed on the blockchain, Quickex starts to exchange it to ETC.
  • The exchange process. It usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes (on Quickex).
  • The service sends funds to your destination wallet.

Congrats! Now you know how to buy ethereum classic with btc. The exchange is complete — you can check your ETC wallet. Don’t forget that sometimes operations can take more time because of double validation. Besides, always think twice, do your own research and consider all benefits and costs before conducting serious operations with money.

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