AgilOne’s Customer Data Platform Enhances Oracle Marketing Cloud: Three Integration Highlights

This week, AgilOne announced new integrations with Oracle Marketing Cloud. With AgilOne’s customer data platform powering engagement through Oracle Marketing Cloud, marketers can create more consistent, orchestrated, and authentic relationships across channels.

So, how do we do it? AgilOne feeds a single view of the customer data into OMC that incorporates first party information unified across omni-channel event, engagement, and transactional data sources, and enriched with predictive analytics. AgilOne is the customer intelligence layer that makes personalization through Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions more impactful — increasing conversion rates, boosting average order value, and maximizing customer lifetime value. AgilOne integrates data from all offline and online data sources and cleans, de-dupes, and enriches the data into one master customer record which is used by Oracle Responsys, Oracle Maxymiser, Oracle BlueKai data management platform (DMP), and any other system of engagement that connects with the customer.

In addition to integrations with OMC, AgilOne also integrates with Oracle Data Cloud (e.g., Oracle DataLogix), as well as Oracle Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Enterprise Data Warehouses.

Highlight #1: Oracle Responsys & Oracle Mobile Marketing

AgilOne provides bidirectional connectors for ESPs in order to enable hyper-personalized email marketing, and better orchestration of email as part of cross-channel campaigns. Our integration with Oracle Responsys gives marketers:

  • Enhanced targeting. Send segmented audience lists, along with personalized content based and enriched omni-channel single view of customer, to Oracle Responsys and engage customers via hyper-targeted and personalized campaigns.
  • Enhanced Oracle Responsys profiles. Responsys profiles are continuously updated and enhanced with AgilOne’s data. This allows for deeper email segmentation and better targeting leveraging Responsys profiles.
  • Enhanced single view of the customer. Oracle Responsys data enhances the AgilOne single view of the customer, which in turn enhances all OMC engagement. In addition to event data like email opens, clicks, etc., this data also includes any standard or business-specific profile attributes tracked in Responsys. It is easy to configure AgilOne’s Responsys connector to meet these specific business needs.
  • Better user identification rates. With AgilOne, you can identify the user all the way from email click to interaction behavior on the website, and stitched across other channels such as social, mobile, call center, etc., regardless of the browser or device used, and regardless of whether the user logs in to the website. This further enriches Oracle Responsys’s single view of the customer.

AgilOne also enriches mobile marketing by pulling mobile events into our single customer profile, and by providing rich segmentation and personalization for more personalized push messaging and mobile campaigns.

Highlight #2: Oracle BlueKai DMP

AgilOne’s integration with Oracle BlueKai DMP increases advertising ROI by enriching audience data with the first party AgilOne data. This integration gives marketers:

  • Smarter cross-channel targeting. The AgilOne integration allows marketers to identify customers who aren’t responding on other channels and target them via display advertising. Products browsed or purchased through any channel (mobile app, physical store, website, etc.) can also be used in better targeting and personalization of the display campaigns. AgilOne’s predictive analytics help target customer segments for these display campaigns.
  • Smarter ad suppression. AgilOne lets marketers intelligently suppress customers from display advertising. For example, you can suppress customers who purchased an item in the store from retargeting campaigns, or suppress recent buyers from incentivizing promotions.
  • Better return on ad spend. By being smarter with targeting and ad suppression, marketers boost ROAS.

Highlight #3: Oracle Maxymiser

AgilOne’s integration with Oracle Maxymiser enhances website personalization with the single view of the customer. This integration gives marketers:

  • Enhanced website messaging that reflects experiences based on omni-channel data. For example, the website can include personalized repair status updates when a customer logs in, or the website can exclude promotions for items already purchased in another channel.
  • Enhanced segmentation powered by machine learning. With AgilOne, marketers can enhance website targeting based on marketing metrics, clustering models, and response models such as likelihood to buy.
  • Orchestrated personalization across channels. The integration allows marketers to leverage website personalization as part of coordinated, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns. For example, marketers can create orchestrated welcome, win-back, or any other campaigns that include email, direct mail, social, and website personalization, or any other channel, all with consistent, coordinated personalization.

To learn more, check out AgilOne’s app on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace or visit our website.

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