Amazon Adds Sponsored Brand Ad Negative Keywords

Amazon has quietly added negative keywords to Sponsored Brand ads for both Seller Central advertisers and Amazon Advertising advertisers. For those who may need a reminder, Sponsored Brand ads show most regularly at the top of search results in the headline position.

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Here is some additional info on sponsored product ads, if you are interested.

The negative keywords are a great addition to the sponsored brand ads. Sponsored brand ads are great for brand defense, as you can ensure you have your products showing at the top of branded queries. Now with the addition of the negative keywords, if there are similar searches you don’t want your ads showing for, the negatives can help in avoiding those searches. While the negative keywords are a great addition, there is still a need for more transparency with Sponsored Brand ads.

As of this writing, we still cannot see search term queries for sponsored brand ads. This leaves us in the dark on what people are actually searching to trigger our ads. The negative keywords are a step in the right direction, but additional insight is still lacking for this ad type. I will take what I can get, though and I expect the needed insights are in the works with the nearly constant stream of new tools and features being added to the Amazon advertising platforms.

Have you used Sponsored Brand ads on Amazon? What do you think of the new negative keywords? Reach out on Twitter and let me know how this update is affecting your Amazon strategy and performance. If you haven’t created Amazon ads before and you are interested in launching ads on Amazon, we have a fantastic guide on getting started that you should check out.

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