Park Seo Joon, Song Hye Kyo, Im Siwan, Han Ji Min, And More Show Support For Park Hyung Sik In “Juror 8”

Several stars have shown their support for Park Hyung Sik ahead of the release of his first feature film “Juror 8”!

The movie tells the story of South Korea’s first trial by jury in 2008. Park Hyung Sik plays Kwon Nam Woo, a passionate young entrepreneur. As the titular eighth juror, he goes against the majority in their opinion on the case and fights to change their decision.

On Instagram, many of Park Hyung Sik’s fellow actors have promoted the movie. Park Seo Joon posted one of Park Hyung Sik’s stills from the film with the caption, “‘Juror 8’ is Siki’s first movie. You did so well in your first movie. Let’s do one together.” In the comments, Park Hyung Sik replied, “You are very kind, aren’t you?”

Song Hye Kyo and Choi Woo Shik posted the film’s poster. Song Hye Kyo wrote the title and release date, and Choi Woo Sik added in his caption, “It was a really good watch. I cried a lot too. You’ve worked hard.”

Han Ji Min uploaded a photo of herself with Park Hyung Sik and captioned it, “I strongly recommend ‘Juror 8’!”

Fellow ZE:A member Im Siwan took a photo of himself standing next to the film’s poster and said in his caption, “Looking forward to watching this movie!”

“Juror 8” will show in theaters in Korea starting May 15.

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