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You are excited.

You bought your first blogging course.

Everything seems to be coming together for you.


More research.

A bit more research.

6 weeks pass.

6 months.

3 years.

Yet you cannot pull the trigger.

You are afflicted by a common blogging malady.

Perpetual Blogging Student Syndrome

PBSS is fear manifest.

You fear committing to blogging because you fear:

  • losing money
  • wasting time
  • being criticized
  • failing
  • struggling

and allow each fear to force you, to goad you and to cajole you into buying another blogging course for study.

Either you are the most informed blogger on earth or have the biggest library of blogging resources.

But armed with each weapon, you ain’t outshining me or any blogger actually in the game.

Students sit on the sidelines of life.

Action-takers win.

How to Cure the Malady

Buy your domain and hosting today. Write and publish your first post tonight.

Dive in.

You know who you are, PBSS sufferers.

Folks on the sidelines for years. Struggling, straining, striving. Buying another eBook. Finding yourself over the course of months.

In your case it behooves you to dive into the process; even if it feels like you are rushing some. I see it as better to rush into a venture to get real world experience than to sit on the sidelines of life from an energy of fear, lack and limitation.

Fear is your enemy. Dive in. Be with it. The fear dissolves; however unpleasant the experience it helps to be with fears now and in the future because developing the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable is your most treasured blogging gift.

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How to Defeat PBSS

Here are some practical tips:

  • buy your domain and hosting
  • write and publish your first post
  • put newfound knowledge into action (create a video or podcast explaining what you learned)
  • surround yourself with successful bloggers; follow their lead
  • dive in, again and again, even if you feel terrified

There is an ego blind spot to address though.

Namely, you do not see yourself as suffering from PBSS.

Be Honest

I speak to many bloggers who offer sensational advice in regards to defeating PBSS.

But said bloggers are waiting on the sidelines, thinking of as many excuses as possible to explain why they have not started blogging.

Perhaps they cannot seem to find one niche they feel passionate about.

Or maybe they want to tackle multiple niches but fear being a Jack of All Trades (as they should).

Or maybe they have been burned in the past by a blogging course or mentor (In truth, you should own every circumstance in your life to be free of ’em).

I see these similar patterns arise again and again.

Be honest with yourself. If you have not started blogging after 3 or more months of research you are a perpetual blogging student.

You are not finding a revolutionary new way to do brain surgery. You are not finding a new, improved, ground-breaking way to change rocket science.

You are starting a freaking blog.

Be honest. You are afraid. I get it.

But the solution is to whip out your credit card, buy your domain and hosting and publish the first post.

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If things are tight financially, get a job or ask someone for money.

Since you are an adult not on an allowance the “I have no money” excuse holds no weight; nor do any fear-based excuses.

Get going!


I filmed a short video explaining how to address Perpetual Blogging Student Syndrome.

If you have been on the blogging sidelines for a minute it’s time to get in the game.

Watch the video from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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