Are you utilizing social media the right way? Read this!

Are you utilizing social media the right way? Read this!

Are you utilizing social media the right way? Read this!

Do you know that 80% of users follow at
least one business on Instagram? Or, 60% of users discover products on
Instagram? There is more to it, 75% of the users take action after looking at a brand’s

But the sad reality is, even though
brands are aware of the imminent power of social media, only 59% acknowledge it and actively use it
for their business growth.

Startups are the future of our economy.
All of them kick-start with a never-heard-before idea. However, inadequate
marketing and a lack of funds often lead to their failure. Social media proves
to be an excellent rescue for both the limitations mentioned above. How? Read

1.     Keeps you up-to-date with the latest
industry trends

In today’s era of digitization, with
more than 2.71 billion smartphone users, people are at
least present on one of the social media platforms. Here, people not only
interact with their friends, but celebrities, and brands as well. Various tools
available online can help you identify your audience’s demand, inquiry, needs,
and preferences. This process is widely known as social listening.

The analysis from this helps you form
your strategies, the foundation of your new products and so on. With social
listening, you can even listen to real-time conversations of people with other
brands and your competitors. This is how it helps you keep a tap on the
industry gossip and keeps you in tandem with the latest trends. Utilize this
information with the help of a professional
SEO company
and create new opportunities for your brand to be visible

2.     Keeps you ahead of your competitors

You always want to know what your
competitors are doing, and with social media, in play all the information is
right in front of your eyes. Social media not only helps you keep a close watch
on your competition, but also discovers opportunities and loopholes that your
rivals couldn’t satisfy. Utilize these occasions to create unique content.
Carve new approaches to drive audience to your page and stand strong amidst the
crowd of competitors

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3.     Helps you keep your customers happy

Isn’t this the goal? Gone are the days
of lengthy emails, uncomfortable phone calls, or face-to-face meetings. Earlier
there were only a few ways to reach out to customers. But with the emergence of
social media, brands interact with a considerably large number of audiences all
at once. Statistically, 45% of the market reaches to brands using
their social media handles. This is not only direct and time-saving effort, but
also an easier channel to solve all your customer’s queries. This helps you
communicate with your viewers, ask your audience for feedback, complaints,
remarks and develop a connection on a human level.

4.     Avails you the benefits of
user-generated content

The importance of authenticity in the
world of social media is invincible. Infact, according to Stackla around 90% of consumers say it is the
most important deciding factor. Social media is a miner of user-generated
content. People rely on reviews and feedbacks before their final purchase.

So, if you are satisfying your audience
with excellent customer service, they will vouch for you. You can employ these
positive responses in various strategies – for instance, display them on your
website, organize contests to drive more feedback, and embrace more strategic
ways that encourage user-generated content.

5.     Helps you stand out amidst the crowd

Heard about the idiom, ‘The first
impression is the last impression?’ Nowadays, your social media handle is your
first impression for the audience. People always prefer to do research before
they buy a product. And the research generally begins with your social media
presence. It can be your Instagram account or your Facebook profile, but if
customers are looking out for you, don’t leave any stone unturned to impress
them. Not only the consumers but people who want to associate with your brands,
like the job-seekers, fresh talent and even your competitors look out for you
on social media. They check your Instagram stories, Facebook posts and Tweets
to make a perception around your brand. So make sure you deliver value to them
through engaging social media posts and stories.

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6.     Pushes you up on the ladder of search

When the daily searches of Google
account to 3.5 billion, which is almost 1.2 trillion
searches every year, it is natural that the preeminence of the search engine is
at its peak. We all spend a lot of resources on keywords, and other things to
boost up our SEO, but often neglect social media efforts. Your social media
presence and your website go hand in hand. So, if you have a strong social
media presence, with concise CTAs, you will naturally observe more traffic
driven to your website. There are various techniques on social media that help
you rank better on the search engines. You can boost your social engagement
with regular scheduling and eventually help your website rank higher.

Social media is an extremely
cost-effective approach, and a highly efficient approach to reach out to the
masses. Now as an organization when you have just begun, what else do you need?

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