B2B Content types that produce the highest number of leads

Chart of the Day: The most effective content types for lead generation

The internet has matured to become a highly competitive landscape. Sales teams rely on marketers to produce even more, and better-qualified leads, while marketers rely on designers and developers to bring their vision and content to life. It is an endless cycle that loops from month to month, and from quarter to quarter, always on, always trying to move the needle just that little bit further…

As marketers, our primary objective is to identify and reach potential customers, and to nurture those customers from interest and awareness stage, all the way through to becoming paying customers. But how do we get their attention at the optimum time, in a way that resonates?

Content Marketing.

According to a survey produced by Ascend2 and its Research Partners, a sample of 255 marketing influencers revealed that research reports not only produce the highest number of leads but also has the highest conversion rate.

The second most effective content type for driving leads is video and motion graphics.

Videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read. That’s in part because movement is known to grab attention. Paying attention to motion is a skill that humans have always used to survive; it’s part of our DNA. – Vidyard

Surprisingly, social media content is still found to be effective in driving lead gen, despite algorithm changes and restrictions. What is unclear in the chart below is whether it refers to content on its own, or paid-for boosted content.

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Fourth on the list is webinars. Webinars are an effective way to reach new customers, share your value and expertise, and have a reason to follow up after. For lead generation, its a highly effective content form, especially when the information shared in the webinar is from a credible and trusted source and contains valuable information, that is free.

Content types that produce the highest number of leads

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