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BizzyWeb began as a hobby for President Dave Meyer in 1999.

At the same time, Meyer began an internal communications role at US Bank. “I looked out in my communication role as being the small cog in the very large engine that was US Bank, and decided that I needed to do something for myself too,” Meyer said.

Meyer worked at US Bank through 2008 and earned his MBA along the way, which gave him background knowledge to be successful in his communications position and later start his own company. Since the economy was in a rocky position ten years ago, Meyer said it seemed like a good time to leave the banking industry.


Last week, BizzyWeb celebrated 20 years in business. Pictured here are Dave Meyer, president, and his wife Jen, chief operating officer, cutting a bee-themed cake to celebrate and coincide with the company motto — “generate buzz without getting stung”. (Photo submitted)

From 2008 to today, the company grew from Meyer to 15 employees, including his wife Jen who is the chief operating officer. Up until six years ago, BizzyWeb’s headquarters were stationed at the Meyers’ Champlin home. Meyer said bringing his wife and her international marketing experience on board necessitated the move and desire to more clearly separate home life from a work environment.

BizzyWeb started strictly as a web design company. Then, once the agency became Meyer’s full-time work, marketing services were added to the business to business agency.

At first, BizzyWeb served diverse small clients that had less than 10 employees on average and less than $1 million in revenue. Today, the Champlin-based digital marketing company focuses on senior products, manufacturing, and service-based industries that average 100-plus employees with revenues of $5 to $75 million.

In the manufacturing industry, one of BizzyWeb’s favorite sectors to serve, large, $10,000 to $20,000 purchases are made left and right, or as Meyer calls them high-consideration purchases. As such, “you have to be very careful in building a narrative and in building trust at every step along the way.”

BizzyWeb also specializes in growth marketing. “It’s the act of connecting with an audience and then being as helpful as possible until it becomes clear that we are the solution for them.” For BizzyWeb this is done through sales, engagement and automation with HubSpot products.

Although the local marketing firm has expanded from offering only web design to also offering digital marketing, inbound marketing, growth-driven web design, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media, brand strategy and website hosting, their tagline and mission to “generate buzz without getting stung” has remained. Meyer said there are lots of calls that go out to companies claiming to be Google and promising to bring companies to the top of search engine results, but a lot of times there is no affiliation and there are broken promises.

Meanwhile, BizzyWeb strives to produce results that actually work and be a family for customers, Meyer said. Oftentimes, this means serving as the marketing department for clients that don’t have a staff or capacity to hire more than one person dedicated to marketing.

“Building something that’s going to have lasting value and actually gain traction is where the real wins come for our companies and for our businesses,” Meyer added.


Since the movie “Office Space” is also 20 years old, the company referenced the movie for their anniversary celebration last week, including dressing as characters and smashed a printer. (Photo submitted)

Beyond creating buzz, traction and results, being a trusted partner is also a priority for BizzyWeb. Meyer said this is done through education. Oftentimes, new customers are engaged by the presentations Meyer gives at digital summits across the U.S. Additionally, Meyer is an authorized speaker for Google, so he travels the country to show people how to grow their businesses using Google products and services. Meyer also recently became a certified HubSpot speaker, he volunteers time to consult small businesses on digital marketing, and he posts tutorials and tips regularly to a public YouTube channel.

“After 20 years in business, the way of marketing has changed, but the principles haven’t, so it’s more important than ever to be as helpful as possible to your customers,” Meyer said. Social media has made marketing easier for anyone to approach it with a trial and error method or ride a viral wave, but Meyer said applying marketing basics is more crucial than ever — “you know, just good, old-fashioned knowing who you’re marketing to and actually solving their problem right is really key.”

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