How important is it to choose the ultimate VPN provider for an SEO specialist?

SEO has been alarming on the internet these days. Everybody wants to rank up their website. VPN comes in to play when it is concerned about security and privacy. The best feature SEO specialist can have from VPN services is look up to the remote web servers. They can then access their resources. VPN tagline “Work from anywhere,” says that it’s important for SEO specialists. They can drag any required information from another server and work on it. Using the remote server resources makes it easier for an SEO specialist to analyze them and make content more productive. VPN services are the backbone for secure internet nowadays, and it’s equally beneficial for an SEO specialist. We have created a list of the best free VPN for Windows available on the marker.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, by its name, provides the clarification that it provides a virtual environment. Through VPN services, we can browse privately and anonymously with our device and internet connection. VPN bounces your IP address to other countries or states, and you remain hidden. VPN services are Total security, Absolute Privacy, Unlimited servers, high bandwidth and speed, multiple device compatibility. Browsing the internet and using a secure password is even more secure while using VPN services. There are thousands of vendors who provide VPN services. Various protocols are defined in VPN services like OpenVPN, IPSEC, which offers support while browsing. Some of the popular VPN to mention are:

  •  Open VPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • Tunnel Bear
  • Express VPN

How can VPN help with SEO goals?

VPN is no wonder must-have service to an SEO specialist. The number of tasks they can do using VPN is no wonder best they can get instead of local browsing. Some of the significant help VPN provides to SEO specialists are:

1.    Dig local SEO from remote servers

With VPN, SEO specialist bounces to other servers. They can look into the SEO optimization keywords, tools available in their local servers and add them to own local servers for better results.

2.    Freedom and Security

VPN provides security features to SEO specialists. Hackers cannot log into your confidential information when you are working on crucial SEO works. You are free to browse any blocked local servers or remote servers without any restrictions.

3.    Unblock locally blocked sites

SEO needs broad information to reach goals. With VPN service specialists can view those blocked websites and collect resources.

4.    Bypass Google captcha

It becomes hectic while you browse continuously, and Google captchas show up. With VPN, you can bypass those Google Search Queries.

5.    Safe link building

You can outsmart Google while clicking the same link multiple times. Clicking the same link for various times by the same user is flagged by Google. You can bypass those flags just by using a VPN service. VPN service is only two clicks away service.

6.    Outsmart early available updates in other servers

SEO specialist needs to collect as many resources available and as fast as possible. Updates on the internet in any given platform launches region by region or country by country. Using a VPN can get you into great benefits to collect early updates.

Probable Cons while using VPN

1.    VPN slows down the internet connection. SEO analysis requires high internet speed to drag resources from other servers.

2.    Quality VPN costs money. SEO specialists may get rid of free VPN services who logs to their information and provide limited services.

3.    Wrong use of VPN may lead to danger for an SEO specialist.

How to choose a VPN service for an SEO specialist?

The major topic we are concerned about is choosing the best and productive VPN service provider. All VPN services are not safe to use. You can even use a proxy service, but it also slows down performances.  The major things for an SEO specialist to consider while choosing a VPN service is:

  • Location
  • High-bandwidth and speed
  • Optimized search results
  • Best route path

Free VPN for Windows

1.    Touch VPN

Touch VPN is supposedly a powerful VPN provider that offers two free and paid subscription means. It calls claims to provide amazingly fast speeds and even amazing web browsing. Touch VPN ensures to “protect your data and surf anonymously.”

2.    Nord VPN

Nord VPN is popular among android users and PC platforms. It has claimed to be the “best VPN provider 2019”. Nord VPN words flawlessly in every browsing and streaming. It has features of Netflix access, torrenting and ad-blocker.

3.    Express VPN

Express VPN is a great name out there when it comes to VPN service. It claims to be the number 1 trusted leader in VPN service. It puts an eye on setting all possible requirements SEO specialist need.

To sum up, no wonder VPN is required to an SEO specialist to surf anonymously to remote servers. SEO specialists can mark the necessary resources from those servers and local blocked ones. Using VPN has a great deal in the competitive field of ranking websites in search engines.

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