Watch: Man Uses Roman Candle to Destroy Hornets Nest, Sets Roof on Fire

A 21-year-old Massachusetts man accidentally set his roof on fire after he used a roman candle to destroy a hornets nest. (Photo Credit: Matthew Schmida / Twitter)

A Massachusetts man accidentally set his roof on fire after he used a roman candle to kill hornets outside his home.

Dave Schmida, a 21-year-old resident of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, was visiting from college when he noticed a big hornets nest under a corner of his roof, the Telegram & Gazette reported. Schmida sprayed the nest with pesticide first, however, he realized this didn’t work and decided to use a roman candle instead to destroy the insect hub. The fiery operation caused his roof to go up in flames and the intense moment was captured on video.

“This was NOT the best way to take down a hornets nest,” Matthew, Schmida’s brother, wrote below the video, which has racked up more than 11,000 views on Twitter.

Once the fire erupted, Schmida rushed upstairs and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out flames. Schmida said a few boards burned and there was a small hole in the house after the incident.

“It went up immediately,” Schmida explained, referring to the moment when the roman candle ignited the hornets nest and roof. “I did get rid of the bees, so I would say mission accomplished.”

Earlier this month, the NYPD removed more than 20,000 bees from a Staten Island Ferry terminal, after the insects swarmed the area. The beekeeping unit at the NYPD safely relocated the bees from the scene.

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