Data Suggests People Look Past Page One 04/15/2019

Page one search results may not give as incomplete a picture as marketers may think. And all who focus on search engine optimization strive to be as visible as possible.

Only 4.32% of
respondents participating in an E-Commerce Times poll conducted from March 25 to April 1, 2019, said “never, there’s always
enough information on the first page to meet my needs,” when asked how often do they go beyond the first page of results.

Some 14% of respondents who search the information on engines
like Google and Bing said they found first-page search results limited by the engine’s algorithms. About 20% said they rarely go beyond the first page, because there is usually enough
information on the first page but they sometimes want to see more.

The idea, of course, is for the search engine to answer the queried question. While the most relevant answers are served
first, 36% of survey respondents said they sometimes go beyond the first page if there are too many paid or sponsored results or if they don’t find the answer. And 25.41% said they often go
beyond the first page, even if there is enough information on the first page, because they want to see all their options.

The survey did not state how many people answered the question.



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