DISH Network Moving Forward With 5G Plans

DISH Network has announced another Request for Proposal (RFP) as it prepares to build the nation’s first standalone 5G network.

RFPs are a standard part of the process of building out a new network and this is the third RFP DISH has requested. The Deployment Services RFP, for end-to-end deployment services vendors, is expected the week of October 28.

“We’re building a first-of-its kind standalone 5G network and want to employ a diversity of expertise from partners large and small,” said DISH Executive Vice President of Wireless Operations, Jeff McSchooler. “We’ll build upon the existing relationships we have with deployment vendors from our NB-IoT buildout, while seeking local, regional and national vendors that can apply their strengths to increase the speed and efficiency of our 5G network deployment.”

DISH has previously committed to building out a 5G broadband network that will reach approximately 70 percent of the U.S. population by June 2023. This latest RFP is another major step in that direction.

“An Executive Summary of the Deployment Services RFP is available here.

“Vendors interested in receiving the Deployment Services RFP when it is released can contact DISH Wireless at [email protected] before Oct. 28, 2019.”

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