‘Drunk’ Bees Are Stumbling Around Australian Parliament House

The head beekeeper of Australia’s Parliament House (APH) explained why “intoxicated” bees have been showing up in the area. (Photo Credit: Cormac Farrell / Twitter)

A group of bees in Australia are taking the term “buzzed” to a new level: People have noticed the flying insects stumbling around Australia’s Parliament House (APH) in Canberra and they have a lot of questions.

Cormac Farrell, Parliament’s head beekeeper, came to the rescue and was able to explain the bees’ strange behavior, Newsweek noted. On Twitter, Farrell discussed how alcohol is to blame for the bees falling out of the sky and acting very tipsy.

“A few sharp-eyed folk walking have noticed dead and stumbling #bees on the paths around @Aust_Parliament and have asked what is going on,” Farrell wrote in a tweet. “As the weather heats up, the nectar in some Australian flowers will ferment, making the foragers drunk.”

Being a drunk bee though comes with a price: According to Farrell, these bees are kept outside the hive to prevent the honey from fermenting, since it could destroy the entire colony. Once the honey is done though, the Australian Parliament House (APH) makes some really good honey mead.

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