Edifier TWS5 Wireless Earphone Review

Earphones have been popular for years but it’s only recently that wireless earphones have become the new must have fashion accessory / audio companion. Although Apple didn’t get there first, you cannot deny how popular the AirPods have become, with nearly every other person walking around London having them in their ears. There are alternatives though, we’ve tried a few and now we look at Edifiers offering.

Tech Spec:
– Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm aptX certified
8 hour playback, case can charge upto 3 times
– 30ft connection distance
– Touch controls
– Listen with one or both earbuds without losing sound channels
Automatic connect and shutdown
– IPX5 (splashproof)


The earphones and case are displayed separately within a cardboard box. There is also a selection of different sized rubber ear buds and a microUSB cable. The earphones are relatively compact in design and have a very subtle styling, with gloss black surrounds and a matte black branding on the face of them. Each earphone has a small colour LED, which allows you to understand what they are doing. There is also voice prompts that help make you aware.


The case they sit in is very small and lightweight, it easily sits within your hand and you wouldn’t notice it in your pocket at all. Again, very subtle and modest styling, with branding on the top, microUSB port to the rear and three small coloured LED’s to the front. These lights indicate battery level on of the case.

The earphones fit perfectly in the case, within the molded areas. There is a magnetic connection between the two, which ensures the earphones always sit correctly. There are three pins within each mold, which connects to three dots on the earphone, which links the two for charging. The earphones didn’t come charged, so plug them in for a few hours before using them for the first time.

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Overall, an impressive unboxing, very modest, practical and premium.


These are wireless earphones via Bluetooth and they are connected to your smart device like any other Bluetooth device. If the Bluetooth remains on, the earphones will remember the connection and when you take them out the case and put them on your ears, it will say connected. Each bud will flash blue until connected and then that light will turn off, so it’s not seen during use. You can also use just one earphone if desired and that earphone will know that, so you will get stereo sound, not just the left or right channel.

Like others, the earphones can be controlled via touch, although it is limited. One touch on either earphone will play or pause a song, double tap on the left for previous track, double tap on the right for next track. To take a call, one tap will answer, another tap to hang up, press and hold to reject a call. There is no volume control option, you cant hold your finger on the right to turn the volume up, left for down, none of that unfortunately. I found the touch controls to be hit and miss too, sometimes they would work well and sometimes not so much. There is a very short delay between touch and control action.


As for audio performance, I was actually really impressed, considering they retail for £69.99, a fair bit less than most competitors. The earphones fit well within my ear and they don’t look obscenely large, but these are not the smallest on the market. That compromise on size is due to the increase in battery life and in this situation, I’m ok with that. They are comfortable and as the bud goes inside your ear, there is a good level of passive noise isolation from the outside world.

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I listened to a variety of music, everything from the bass-heavy Tyler, The Creator, to more mainstream radio hits and in all circumstances, the earphones sounded great. The audio produced was rich, colourful and well balanced, there was enough bass to keep me happy, but it may not be enough for some.


I really enjoyed using the TWS5 earphones and I can honestly say it felt like I was using something more expensive. Don’t get me wrong, these wouldn’t be for keen audiophiles, the quality of control and lack of volume select is also disappointing but I’d use them again and I’d recommend them. The TWS5 are currently Edifiers top of the range wireless earphones, they do in fact have two cheaper alternatives on their website as of writing this.

For more info, head over to the official Edifier website.


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