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As we reported recently, Facebook has been testing a new system which would enable users to cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook, via Facebook’s Stories feature.

The option could have significant implications, greatly expanding the exposure potential of Instagram Stories – and now, Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that the option is coming to all users, and is being rolled out as we speak.

Facebook Stories, of course, hasn’t taken off like Instagram Stories has, but the option does still take up prime screen real estate, right at the top of the Facebook feed.

Even if you’re not using it, it’s still a valuable, visible option, and with the capability to cross-post the content you’re already creating for Instagram, it’s fairly safe to assume you’re going to see a lot more Facebook Stories popping up in your feed in the very near future.

But there is one key proviso here – it’s not available to brands. Yet.

Because business Pages can’t create Facebook Stories, their Instagram Stories also can’t be cross-posted, but there are signs that Facebook may soon allow Pages to create Stories.

Just recently, some users have noted that certain Pages can already post Facebook Stories, which, theoretically, should also mean they can cross-post their Instagram content.

Facebook has also previously hinted that this functionality is coming – when recently announcing that Facebook Stories would soon also be viewable on desktop, The Social Network said it had “no specific timing to share” on the rollout of Stories for Pages just yet. Which implies that the option is coming.

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Worth noting too – Facebook also recently added a new setting to Facebook Stories to enable public sharing, adding to the reach and exposure potential of the option.

Many have dismissed Facebook Stories as a ghost town, a step too far, an unwanted, unwelcome addition to the Facebook process. But the ability to port your Instagram Stories across could change that – 250 million people are already using Instagram Stories every day, and now, they’ll also have the potential to reach a whole new set of people by simply ticking a box.

Facebook Stories still has a way to go, it still might not become an essential element of the platform process. But it’s worth taking note of the latest changes, particularly if/when businesses are allowed to also take part. 

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