Find out why New Relic is looking for people that will add to its culture

New Relic’s Guro McCrea discusses the company’s hiring process and what it looks for in prospective candidates.

What does it take not only to bag a job with New Relic, but to fit in with its employees and culture? spoke to the company’s senior director of EMEA solution engineering, Guro McCrea, to find out about its hiring process, what it looks for in candidates and what prospective employees can expect from its culture.

‘We don’t want everyone to be the same as what we have already. We appreciate the diversity’

McCrea has worked at New Relic for less than a year, but it’s clear that she feels right at home there for a number of reasons. She described the company as “fast-growing, scaling” with “a culture of innovation, diversity of ideas”.

Her priorities for attaining job satisfaction include a great company culture and positive people, and she emphasised the true meaning of a culture fit. It’s not that you have to be similar to your colleagues to gel with them, but your values should align.

“We don’t want everyone to be the same as what we have already,” she said. “We’re looking for people that would add to our culture. We appreciate the diversity that we have.”

Recruiting at New Relic

So, what does New Relic look for in potential candidates? According to McCrea, it’s crucial that the company’s recruitment process is a two-way street. “We recruit the candidates as much as the candidate recruits us,” she said.

That process typically involves a technical assessment for any tech roles, but also a look at the person’s communication skills, given the customer-facing aspect of the business.

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Anyone interested in pursuing a career with New Relic should bear in mind its penchant for passion. As one of the company’s five main values, showing passion is what makes interviewees stand out, according to McCrea.

“My advice for someone starting their career in this industry would be two things. Number one is to be customer-focused, so think about the customer first – we’re trying to help customers grow their business and be better at what they do. Number two is to be creative.”

Watch the video above to find out more about the hiring process at New Relic.

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