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I know, I know you have all the data you could ever need, blah, blah blah. And I know you know that ours is a cross channel world where a whole lot of us use multiple channels as we make our way to the checkout line – be it a real checkout line or of the digital/online variety. 

But for kicks and giggles let’s look at how top performing brands handle use data. The chart below shows how top performing businesses use numerous activities to put insights − generated through reporting and analysis of data − into action. For example, they are 38% more likely to utilize the uni ed view of customer data to deliver omni-channel messages.

The finding comes directly from a recently released report from Aberdeen Group, Relationship One and Oracle Marketing Cloud which revealed the business value marketers derive by mastering orchestration of omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Optimize Accordingly 

Enabled with a unified view of customer insights, marketers can then optimize future campaigns accordingly. Specifically, this refers to tailoring the timing and content of each campaign based on insights captured through previous interactions. For example, if a high-tech buyer is more likely to respond to in-depth written content when making a purchase decision, knowing this insight would help the marketer use relevant content. The chart shows that Best-in-Class  firms are 81% more likely to have this capability in place, compared to others.

There is a lot of competition to capture customer attention and wallet share. Marketers who succeed do so by establishing a unique relationship with clients. One of the ways Best-in-Class firms do this is by using customer data to deliver informative, proactive communications (interactions that are initiated by the company, as opposed to the customer).

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While facilitating customer spend and retaining clientele are top-of-mind for marketers, it’s important to remember that customer loyalty is closely related to brands becoming a trusted advisor to their buyers.

For example, a retail buyer being notified that an online order has been shipped is more likely to think of the retailer being engaged in addressing their needs, as opposed to another that’s not delivering such proactive notifications.

The Rest of the Story

Data is only part of cross channel marketing success. Download Digital Experience Management Through Marketing: Orchestrating Omni-Channel Conversations to learn other key parts of a successful cross channel marketing strategy. 



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