Get Discounts on Screencastify, Formative, and DBC

Discounts on Screencastify, Formative and DBC Books

Teachers Are Professionals is a project I am working on in partnership with PledgeCents. Our long term goal is to help end the cultural expectation that teachers should pay out of pocket. It is well known that teachers spend on average $800 each year on their classroom, however, our research shows teachers paying a lot more. With the increase in technology in classrooms the burden is oftentimes pushed onto teachers to provide the EdTech solutions they need to effectively teach with technology. Teachers should not be paying for EdTech subscriptions out of pocket, nor should they be paying for pencils out of pocket.

Phase 1 of the Teachers Are Professionals project was to sign up enough teachers to negotiate discounts with companies. Now with over 10,000 registrations we are able to move into phase 2. For the window of August 25th to September 23rd you will be able to fundraise towards classroom supplies, EdTech subscriptions, and professional development books.


Discounts and Giveaways

While the long term goal is to eliminate out of pocket costs, the short term wins are finding discounts and giveaways for teachers. Teachers Are Professionals is working with EdTech companies to provide site license pricing to individual teachers. Additionally we want to help fund your classroom for supplies such as pencils and anything else your determine, in your professional judgement, that you need for your classroom. You’re a professional and we trust that you know what your need for your classroom.

VistaPrint – Professionals Have Business Cards

We are working with VistaPrint to provide you business cards. For this phase we are able to provide 1000 teachers with FREE business cards.

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I have been teaching 1:1 since 2000. A key element of teaching digitally is video. Screencastify works on Google Chrome and on Chromebooks to record your screen and/or webcam. Relationships with the teacher are essential for learning. Using Screencastify helps you to better teach and connect with your students digitally. Your ability to give fast personal feedback increases when you are able to provide feedback with video.

50% Discount

Through our partnership with Screencastify we were able to negotiate site license pricing of 50% off the $24 annual price for one teacher.

THAT IS ONLY $12!!!!

Screencastify Tutorials

To help you master the screencast, check out this 1 hour certification course with Matt Miller:

Google users, kick up your Google Apps a notch by including Screencastify videos. Check out this 45 minute certification course with me!:

And of course we do not to leave out our young learners who can use the free version of Screencastify (although we hope your school will provide them with a site license). Check out this 10 minute certification for students with Holly Clark:


Learning is improved when we give better feedback. Formative assessment is an essential element of any classroom. Truly formative assessment improves when we do it digitally since we can use the data to better inform what we do next in our classrooms.

Formative is an amazing tool for not only saving you time, but improving learning. Create your own or choose from their library of digital quizzes, activities, and in class checks for understanding.


Savings Calculator


Use this cost saving calculator to see how much time and money Formative can save your school over the course of a year.

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44% Discount

Regular price for a 1 year subscription to Formative is $144. Depending on how many teachers participate in our Teachers Are Professionals site license we can get the cost down as low as $80 per teacher.

Dave Burgess Consulting Books

Teachers are paying out of their own pocket to learn how to be better teachers. We would like to help with that. We have negotiated special pricing with Dave Burgess Consulting to allow you to choose from a list of books written by and for teachers.

Image result for dbc books

Classroom Supplies Gift Card

You are a professional and know what needs you have for your classroom. As part of this next phase we are helping you fundraise up to $300 to spend in your classroom however you see fit. PledgeCents will sent you a gift card to allow you to choose the supplies you want, no purchase order or begging the office required.

How to Participate

Your first step is to use our Google Form to join our database of over 10,000 teachers saying you are tired of paying out of pocket.


Unlike other educator crowdsource funding sites,

PledgeCents has 0 platform fees!

That means 100% of donations to your classroom come right back to your classroom! PledgeCents has created a special template for Teachers Are Professionals to allow you to fundraise for classroom supplies, EdTech products, and books. After signing up at look out for an email from PledgeCents on how to set up your page.

More to Come

We will continue to find new partners to bring you opportunities to reduce or eliminate paying out of pocket!

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