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A couple of days ago, Google added some handy new features to its Google Maps apps for Android and iPhone, including Street View support (Android) and weather information (iPhone). But the company is looking to add a bunch of other tricks to Google Maps that should further improve your commuting experience. Whether you’re driving to work or using public transportation, these new features will undoubtedly come in handy. We’re looking at support for more Waze-like incident reports, as well as the ability to save preferred public transit options for quick access.

Waze’s incident reporting tool is what makes the Google-owned navigation app so popular with drivers, and Google is well aware of that. The company has been adopting some of those features in Google Maps, including crash and speed trap reporting, and it’s about to roll out support for additional types of incidents.

Looking at Google Maps 10.25.24 code, xda-developers found mentions for lane closures, objects on road, and disabled vehicles. On top of that, a construction indicator has also been spotted, as the following image shows, via Android Police:

google maps construction incident reportsImage Source: Android Police

Adding this sort of real-time information to the navigation app can significantly help reduce commute times and allow drivers to adapt their routes to deal with whatever issues may present themselves ahead. It’s unclear when the new incident types will be available to Google Maps users.

If you’re using Google Maps for your daily public transit commute, you should know that Google is also adding another a terrific feature to Google Maps, the ability to save your favorite transit methods. First spotted by Android Police, a Your transit tab has been added to the Google Maps menu. In it, you’ll find all the public transportation methods you’ve previously starred for quick access.

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Saved lines and timetables will also be instantly accessible, which means you won’t have to perform the same searches every day for the same routes.

google maps starred public transit linesImage Source: Android Police

Finally, Google is making changes to the way it presents notifications in Google Maps in an effort to improve your notifications experience and reduce clutter. Notifications are now grouped into six categories, three fewer than before. You’ll also be able to configure notifications for each one of them.

The transit feature has already been enabled for some users as a server-side test, the report notes, while the new notifications menu appears for those users who are on Google Maps 10.24 beta. You’ll have to sign up for the beta to take advantage of it right now.

Image Source: Photo by Valentin Wolf/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

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