Google My Business videos not showing up on your local listing? It’s a Google bug

Last Friday, Google launched a feature to upload videos to Google My Business local listings. Google said that videos would be processed and live within 24 hours of being uploaded. That, however, is not the case; there is a bug that is preventing the videos from showing up on the local listings in Google Maps or Google web search.

Google My Business confirmed the bug last night on Twitter:

Many business owners who have uploaded videos to their Google My Business listings are reporting that those videos, even a few days after they were uploaded, are still not showing up. I uploaded a video to my listing, which I demonstrated in the post on Friday, and almost a week later, that video is still not visible on my business’s local listing in Google.

It is unclear when the bug will be fixed, but Google is now aware of it and is working on a resolution.

Postscript: At 11:45am EST Google said the issue has now been resolved:

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