Health for the Holidays: 5 Fitness-Related Gifts That Will Make Employees Hearts Beat Faster


Raise your hand if you’ve ever gifted a gym membership to your staff. If the gym isn’t already one of your workplace perks, then giving a year-long membership is a quick present sure to universally please one and all.

Or will it? Gyms may have locations scattered all over the place, but this present is swiftly turning into the “Starbucks gift card” of gift giving in the office. You’ll get around to using it—eventually—and if you’re still in a pinch to find a holiday present for someone on your list, you might wind up regifting it. Not exactly what the present was intended to do!

If you’re giving the gift of recreational activities in the office this year, take a moment to think outside the box with classes that every employee will want to take and get moving in.

1. Indoor rock climbing

Got any thrill seekers that love to go above and beyond in both their workload and exercise routines? Hand them a gift card for a climbing gym. Indoor climbing gyms have plenty of space to engage in top roping, lead climbing, and bouldering classes, with climbing gear included. Plus, it’s a safe, climate-controlled space that allows team members to get in a good workout without encountering potential pratfalls along the way.

2. ClassPass membership

If you love studio fitness, but would rather studio hop until you find the right location that best fits your needs as opposed to staying put in a generic, do-it-all-here gym, then gift everyone a ClassPass membership. This gives them access to workout options all over your area, from strength training to cycling, taught by the best instructors. It also includes the ability to stream from over 100 available workout videos and add on more classes. As an added bonus, if employees are traveling for work and find themselves in a ClassPass-approved city, they can take a class on the go.

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3. Zumba

If your employees love to dance like no one is watching or are perpetually grooving to the beat of their own drum, enroll them in Zumba classes. These dance fitness classes are designed for everybody and every body type, and combine cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility to get you up and pumped to join the dance party. Every class is high energy, ensuring that you’ll leave with an energetic pep in your step—the perfect way to combat the winter blahs.

4. Yoga

Do your team members get stiff from sitting for eight hours at a time? Time to hook them up with a membership to a yoga studio. Much like Zumba, there’s a different type of yoga available for every body, including prenatal, Bikram hot yoga, and gentle yoga, offered at the perfect pace to fit everyone’s needs.

5. Fitbit

Finally, if you want to help take health and wellness to the next level in each of your employee’s lives, invest in Fitbit trackers for your team. These trackers come in a wide variety of styles that can help track a person’s daily exercise and activity, along with how they’re sleeping at night to better help them reach their personalized health and fitness goals.

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