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How I Survived My First 7 Months in Blogging? And You Can Do It Too…

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I made my first dollar from my blog after 7 months.

7 Long months.

It was a 125×125 ad sold in $59 per month, and this was how my journey to make money with Blogging Cage started.

According to one survey – Most bloggers quit their journey in first 90 days without making any money.

But I was not from one of them.

I read one quote almost three years back.

Winners never QUIT, and quitters never WIN.

I kept writing articles for seven months with the hope that it will start giving me some money, but neither visitors were coming on my blog, nor any advertiser was interested in advertising on my blog. But one thing that kept on pushing me was my vision.

I knew that I will start making money with my blog, but the question was; When?

Making money after seven months was itself a remarkable experience and a positive force that made me believe that my blog can make money. 🙂

So what did I do in those 7 months?

How was I able to pay my internet bills and hosting rent?

And further how I kept myself motivated?

First of all, let me share a little background.

For first 18 months, I built my blog using 2G internet that we use on mobile.

Yes !!

I didn’t have enough money to afford a good speed internet. So, I did first 14 months work on my blog using that internet only. Which was costing me 150 INR ($3) per month?

I remember the days when I kept striking my head against walls just because of the slow speed of the internet. This one block was more than enough which stopped me to watch any online video on YouTube to learn things.

In short – It was a very struggling period.

But still, I survived………


So let’s dive into my story and know how I did that.

#1. I used Fiverr

Fiverr was something new which was suggested by one of my close friends. I explored it for few days and found that I can make money with this platform.

But the question was; How?

Because as a newbie I didn’t have skills that I could sell on Fiverr.

So I got an idea.

I started using Facebook and found few people who were interested in making backlinks for their blogs, but they were unaware about Fiverr. I talked with those buyers and promised them to deliver 1000 backlinks in next 5-7 days and charged $30 each.

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I outsourced my work from Fiverr in $5, so at the end, I was in $25 profit.

This money was enough for me to keep myself motivated.

#2. I flipped blog with very little profit

In starting days of my blogging, I was so passionate that I built many blogs. But soon I found that I am not able to manage them all, so I started selling them after 2 months of my blogging journey.

The Very first blog I sold was in $30. Yeah !! $30. 😉

People were saying – Kulwant Nagi has gone mad as he is selling blogs in just $30-40 and making the reputation of the market very bad, but they never knew what were the conditions at my end and how hard I was trying for my survival.

I was very happy because this was my first online income just after 2 months of blogging.

So I decided to sell my other small blogs (they all had not more than 5 articles each) and sold them in $30, $40 and one domain in $25.

This was a big achievement for me because at least I was making some money now. 🙂

This little money helped me to pay my internet bills and try few other new things.

#3. I maintained one blog of an Entrepreneur

I was in touch with one guy who is top 1% online income earner in the India. That guy is making $50,000+ every month now.

He hired me to design his blog by copying one design from one big blog. 😛

And further he hired me to write an article on his blog for 2 months.

Writing the article was like killing job for me, but still, I accepted it, because I knew the places where I could get cheap writers.

Finally, I hired one writer in 40 INR and charged 100 INR per article from that Entrepreneur. Simply I was in a profit of 60 INR each article.

That guy paid me big sum ($200 for all).

Yeah !! This amount was big SUM for me at that time. 🙂

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If you are still a newbie and struggling hard to make money online, then you can try following methods for your survival.

  1. Find clients who are ready to pay you (use Facebook, Yahoo answer, Forums to find clients) and then outsource your work from Fiverr.
  2. Build some small blogs with good quality and having a good theme. Find a buyer and sell them with $20-50 profit each.
  3. Find bloggers who are ready to hire you.
  4. You can try freelancing sites (oDesk, Elance, etc.) to find suitable work for you.

How did I keep me motivated?

I read 20+ inspirational books in this period (few of them I bought, few I got from my friends). I kept reading real-life stories of people and those days reading about entrepreneurship was my first choice (it still is), and I read about the life of many entrepreneurs.

After going through all those stories, one thing was clear to me – You cannot make a fortune just by sitting and watching people. If you want to something big in your life, then you will have to work your ass-off.

Few people were there who always kept me motivated. One of them was Romy Singh, who was always there to answer my stupid questions. He helped me in every possible way and guided me about working with genesis framework.

Final Words

People might be saying to you that you are doing this thing wrong, that thing wrong, but the reality is; no one knows about the things which are running at your end and what are the conditions at your end.

If you have great vision with blogging, then be with it, because things will start changing very soon, and you will create new milestones in blogging or any online marketing niche.

Just believe in yourself.

One small quote –

If you think you can, you can.

Now your turn

I would love to hear your journey as well.

What were the obstacles which you faced and how did you tackle them?

When you made your first dollar online and how it helped you to continue your blogging journey?

Let’s have a sound discussion. 🙂

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