How to Drive Sales, Leads, and Growth to Your Online Store With Strategic Broad Niche Content


You have finally found your perfect niche and you’re ready to start driving traffic to your site using content. However, don’t you ever feel that content that is super niched down gives you little wiggle room to expand your content creatively?

Extending your content range allows you to expand your marketing efforts and establish a more creative blogging process.

I’ll help you find out where to put your effort and drive more revenue into your online enterprise.

The Importance Of Broad Niche Content

Broad niche content is often described as content that expands your niche. It allows readers with the same general interest in your product or service to be targeted and hopefully converted.

Here’s an example:

If you are selling wedding dresses then you’ll have content related to “picking a wedding dress” or “the top wedding dress picks of 20xx”. Broad niche content related to your business would be: “relationships”, “planning a wedding”, and/or “the perfect engagement”.

So, it’s still niched content, but covers a broader spectrum.

Think about your niche.

Does it fall into a particular category? Does that category have a lot more market value than your particular niche?

If you answered, “yes” to both of these two questions, then you’ll benefit from strategic broad content.

However, it’s not just the broader category that you’re supposed to target with this strategy. You will also find products that complements focus niche, and generalizations with regard to your service will also help.

For instance, if you sell basketball shoes, it will also help if you have articles on individual players, the game in general, and even basketball recaps. Think about it like casting a net, but this time you’re using a bigger one.

But wait, there’s more:

Broad niche content also keeps things interesting for your content team and your website in general. Whilst, niching out is a great strategy – don’t get us wrong here – your content team will eventually run out of things to write about. Your readers will also appreciate a fresh piece of content that’s not too specifically related to your niche at all.

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That, my dear friend, is an element of surprise you can throw at your readers.

Finding Broad Niche Content And Then Narrowing It Down

According to many bloggers, there is no perfect formula in finding broad niche content. However, there are a lot of tools that we can utilize to look for broad niche content.

You can analyze your competitors’ keywords using tools like SEMRush and apply methods like the KOB Analysis – explanation below.

That’s not all.

You can also start broad and then narrow it down every so often; it will be up to you. Going broad always gives you enough space to get creative with your pieces.

Here’s another example.

Do you want to draw people into your shoelace business? Why don’t you craft content in relation to shoes or fashion and lifestyle in general. Then, stealthily sneak in your quick plug about great shoelaces they’ll love. Get creative!

KOB Analysis

If you find yourself in a bit of a rut looking for broad niche content topic ideas, then Keyword Opposition to Benefit Analysis (KOB) should be able to help you. KOB works by analyzing the keywords that one of your competitors is ranking for and then hijacking those keywords for your own site – if the opportunity is there.

Although KOB analysis is primarily utilized in keyword research, it also makes for a great tool in determining broad niche content. There are times where your competitor will be ranking for a particular niche keyword, but they can also be ranking for a broader form of that niche.

In this very simple example, pretend that your business is desk plants. You look at your competitor’s keywords and find out that they are ranking for “indoor gardening”, if the opportunity is there, you can now hijack that keyword for broad niche content.


To determine if a broad niche keyword is worth pursuing, you can apply the KOB score formula:

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KOB Score = Keyword Difficulty / Average Search Volume multiplied by the Cost Per Click


Content Promotion

There are several ways to promote available content and remember this piece of advice:

You don’t always have to directly sell your content on everything.

The trick to broad niche content is to make sure that you don’t suffocate your target market with a direct reminder to buy. Just play it cool. Let the content itself persuade them to dig deeper.

There are numerous plugins that you can integrate with your online store to make the content promotion process much easier. Here are some techniques you can use to increase its visibility:

  • Drip Campaigns – Try promoting your content through your email drip campaign, if they don’t react to your broad niche content strategy then you can always switch things around. Make sure your drip campaign is properly configured.
  • E-mail signups – Utilize the content to get people to signup for your services; you can monitor this using goals in Google Analytics.
  • Outreach link building – the great thing about prepping for broad niche content is that you can now target other related blogs and sites with your content. Outreach becomes easier if you are now open to writing about other topics.

Monitoring Results

It’s always important to be able to monitor progress; one of the best ways to do this is by setting goals on Google Analytics. This will allow you to check if your broad niche content strategy is actually bringing in conversions.

Here’s a quick way to do just that.



  • Put it in your destination URL


This way you’ll know if a particular page on your website that hosts broad niche content is actually bringing in the conversions you’re looking for.

Hopefully this article made you understand the effectiveness of broad niche articles. They help keep content fresh and interesting, appeal to a wider reach, and can help generate conversions and revenue. Again, get creative!

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