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How To Get Heroic At Cannes Lions 2017

The word hero or heroic connotes something having to do with something brave or bold and may involve the saving of lives, rescuing puppies or something to that effect. 

Or if you’re of a certain age the word hero conjures up this:

Man do I miss those cheesy videos from the 80s. 

But I digress. 

Contextually Relevant

When we use the word hero or heroic in the context of marketing, however, we’re not talking about rushing in to save the day at the last minute or storming a castle. 

But that does not mean we marketers cannot be heroes and heroic.

On the contrary.

At Cannes Lion 2017 you can learn all about how to be heroes in marketing. In fact if you’re planning on being at Cannes Lion this year you will want to get this event on your calendar… now. 

Heroic Marketing: Seizing Opportunity in the Face of Uncertainty

  • Monday, June 19th
  • 1:30 PM at the Oracle Deck 


Heroic marketing is not just about deploying the tools—it’s also about harnessing deep insights with new digital “superpowers” like artificial intelligence, chatbots, and the Internet of Things. As digital tools transform business at lightning speed, marketers and advertisers must identify opportunities others don’t see and act on it in the face of uncertainty. Join Jennifer Renaud CMO, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Kristen O’Hara, CMO, Global Media, of Time Warner Cable, as they discuss how they are empowering their teams create heroic marketing moments for growth.

The above is just one example of the Thought Leadership sessions from Oracle during the event. Here’s the full list of sessions for your viewing and and scheduling pleasure. 

For even more details on ALL things Oracle at Cannes Lion 2017 click here.

And you know you want to learn more about the Marketing Cloud that marketers love and IT trusts.

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