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How To Go From Fearful Blogger to Problogger in 7 Steps {The Complete Fear-busting Guide For Blogging Newbies!}

If you’ve been following along here at Blogelina for any length of time, I hope it’s apparent how much I not only love blogging, but helping new bloggers get started in the blogging world. And, since I’ve been blogging for quite awhile (over 7 years now!), I know that there can be a lot of fear that surrounds creating a blog.

How To Go From Fearful Blogger to Problogger in 7 Steps {The Complete Fear-busting Guide For Blogging Newbies!}

Do any of these fears sound familiar?

  • “I won’t have anything to blog about.”
  • “What if no one reads my blog?”
  • “What if I end up wasting my time?”
  • “How do I even know where to start?”
  • “I’m not techy – can I even do this?”

Maybe your fear isn’t listed above (you can email me about it!).

Let’s be honest – the idea of putting yourself out there and starting your own blog can be a little intimidating (does it help to know you’re not alone?)!

That’s why I’ve shared on Blogelina tips on how to overcome your blogging fears

But, today I want to give you an action plan.

Let’s really kick those fears to the curb.

Today, let’s really dig into what it takes to go from a fearful blogger to a pro-blogger.  

Step 1 – Choose what you love:

One of the first (and best) things you can do to remove your fear of being a pro-blogger is to sit down and choose a niche that you love talking about and learning about. Choosing a topic that you’re already familiar with – one that maybe your friends are already asking you about – can be a huge confidence booster.  Or, if you’re a little braver, choose a topic that even if you don’t feel like you’re already an expert in, you’re going to love learning more about and helping others learn, too.

Step 2 – Start a content stash:

If you’ve settled on a niche, then you want to remove any fears you have surrounding having things to write about, so dedicate some time to brainstorming for topic ideas.  One the BEST things I’ve done as a blogger is to make sure I stay ahead of my content schedule.  I try my best to always have 2-5 posts ready to go, either scheduled on my blog, or almost ready to be published.  This take a LOT of pressure off trying to come up with content ideas on the fly.

Step 3 – Put together a loose schedule:

When it comes time to sit down and write, do you have a little voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough, or that you’re a fraud? Shut it up by having a solid writing routine in place. If your mind is used to doing something at the same time, every single day, you’ll have an underlying drive to do it, essentially telling that voice to “zip it”.

Step 4 – DON’T sabotage yourself:

Are you afraid that people won’t like your content, or want to share it? It’s time to put that fear aside and work on your confidence. Your thoughts, ideas and content ALL have value!

So, believe in yourself and what you have to offer.  STOP comparing yourself to other bloggers – this can be a huge drag on your blogging ventures.  I’m guilty of it, too!  It’s so easy to look around at other bloggers who seem to be doing so much better and growing so much more quickly – and, frankly, want to just give up altogether.  

When you have this feeling coming on, I highly recommend taking a step back from blogging and reminding yourself of YOUR why for blogging.  Revisiting your why – why you started, who you’re helping, what your goal is – is a great way to keep from losing your motivation to keep blogging.

Step 5 – Get a tribe:

If you are still struggling to believe in yourself, have some of your blogging friends read your content and offer their feedback. Having a blogging tribe, one that really supports and lifts you up, can make a huge difference.

Step 6 – Make it easy on yourself:

In the beginning, if you are feeling unsure of yourself, JUST GET STARTED!  


If you’re anything like me, you can overcome a HUGE hurdle, just by setting things in motion.  Stop over-analyzing.  Stop trying to be perfect.  And just do it!

Have a blog that might not be quite perfect (is there even such a blog anyway?) but is started and growing – is way better and more valuable than a blog that is just stuck as an idea in your head.

Get your blog set up – and then start creating content.

Create content that is highly shareable. As you begin to see readers become regular visitors and then subscribers, your confidence will soar and you’ll be ready to share all of your knowledge with the world.

And you won’t have the regret that you got stuck trying to be perfect – and never even started.

Get unstuck – and just start!

Step 7 – Just. Get. Started.

Finally, start slow! Take little steps.  Plan to spend half an hour a day working on your blog.

Get your blog set up.

Make it beautiful.

Start writing great contentjust one post at a time.

Share that content.

Then, write some more.

And, keep learning – always keep learning.

Putting your thoughts out there can be scary, but, if you want success you *NEED* to do it! Don’t let fearful thoughts hold you back from the amazing future that could be yours when you step out and actually move forward with starting and growing your blog.

What steps do you plan to take today to overcome them?  How can we help?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Go From Fearful Blogger to Problogger in 7 Steps {The Complete Fear-busting Guide For Blogging Newbies!}

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