How To Promote Your Clothing Brand Via Instagram Marketing

How To Promote Your Clothing Brand Via Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing has been on the rise in the last couple of years as more and more people are converting through social media websites rather than a conventional advertisement. After all, money flows towards the platforms where the audience goes. 

Luckily, for small businesses like clothing or outfit brands, the rise of Instagram marketing has been a stroke of luck. Now, they can compete with the top brand leader head to head as Instagram allows them a lot of opportunities to grow.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to promote your clothing brand via Instagram marketing. 

Harness The Power Of User Generated Content

More than a thousand photos are uploaded on Instagram every second. In marketing, we call it a User Generated Content. Being a clothing brand, you can harness tap into the power of UGC.

All you have to do is to reward users who upload a selfie wearing your outfit by posting their picture on your main account. On one hand, it will maximize fan loyalty, while on the other, it sets in motion a Domino’s Effect of users uploading selfies to get your attention and thus inadvertently promoting your product.

Step-up The Game: Partner With Influencers

Though it will cost you extra bucks, partnering up with popular industry leaders and trendsetters will boost your brand in a matter of days. They already have an established fan base to their credit, and by collaborating with them you can just tap into a sizeable audience for your brand,

They might ask you for money, but most of them would be happy to try out the free outfit. In the latter case, the price you will have to pay is next to nothing compared to the returns. 

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Build A Narrative: Only Storytelling Will Get You Far Enough

Instagram like all social media platforms has storytelling at its heart. Posting random pictures of your outfits won’t get you anywhere. Rather, what you need to take seriously is building the brand’s persona.

For instance, suppose you sell outdoor gear and clothing products. Sharing a picture of an attractive landscape with models wearing your outfit ready for an adventure on a challenging mountain is what qualifies as building a persona.

Fake It Till You Make It:

According to a report, it takes about seven touch points for someone to invest money in a product from a new brand on Instagram. Much of it has to do with the fact that the new brands usually have a negligible following on their account and almost zero engagement on their posts.

Well, there is a solution to circumvent this. There are websites like Leoboost that provide you several services to boost your Instagram account. For instance, you can buy Instagram likes from Leoboost to build the credibility of your brand and to get more traction on your posts. As these likes will be from real users, your posts will be boosted by the Instagram algorithm. 

Keep in mind, this strategy only works, when you have a valuable product to offer to your fans. 


We hope that you can make the most out of your instagram marketing strategy by improvising it in line with the mentioned tips. And if you have already considered these options and incorporated it well in your instagram campaign, good luck with your branding. You are on the right path. 

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