How To Turn Blogging Criticism Into Something Profitable

How To Turn Blogging Criticism Into Something Profitable And Fun

A few minutes ago one of my readers emailed me.

Said reader felt my Sunday email was a hassle.

Big time turn off to him.

I replied: No worries. You can just open it on Monday 🙂

That was the fun aspect of criticism conversion. Doing something funny with someone having an unhappy moment.

This blog post is the profitable application of criticism.

I am turning criticism into something constructive, beneficial and productive.

This post will grow my email list and may net me sales too.

You will receive blogging criticism from time to time. If you haven’t seen critics you simply are not well known enough to generate this form of opinion offering. Once you do get a bit more on the radar you can do 2 things:

  1. Fear the criticism, making you angry, defensive, combative, anxious, embarrassed, or experiencing a general bad feeling, reacting to the criticism or apologizing, feeling contrite, bending over backwards to make sure that never happens again, etc….
  2. Have fun with the feedback, either responding with a light joke or ignoring the feedback of an unhappy, unclear person, or someone having an unhappy, unclear moment

Criticism is the projection of someone having an unhappy, unclear moment.

Example; if my way cool subscriber were thinking clearly, he would understand that my 60,000 member blog community hails from all over the globe.

To my thousands of Muslim readers, Friday is a sacred day. Not that I ever received an email from my rocking Muslim readers complaining about how they do not want to see my latest eBook on their sacred day.

My beloved subscriber, if he were calm, and happy, and clear thinking, would not see list emails he signed up for as hassles, nor would be get upset at a 6 word email newsletter sent on any day of the week.

Nope; he was likely having a moment. As all humans do.

That moment he was having, whether he worked a long, hard job, all week, and wished that he could treat every day of the week like a Sunday, or whether he was focused on going to church on Sunday and relaxing for the remainder of the day, that unhappy, unclear, frustrated moment has 100% nothing to do with me, and 100% to do with him.

They create the experience based on how they are feeling and what they choose to see.

I cannot change how they choose to feel or what they choose to see any more than I can control the sun rising and setting every day.

This is why I do not take criticism personally.

Naturally, when someone reacts to our emails, or blog posts, or eBooks, or promoting, what we appear to do is simply a trigger, but the criticism is a lower energy perception that has nothing to do with the object of criticism and everything to do with the critic themselves.

Cashing In On Criticism

Convert criticism into cash by creating blog posts, products and by tailoring your services on this concept.

I wrote an entire eBook on how to turn blogging criticism into blogging profits.

I also help my blog consulting clients better filter, process and profit from criticism through my services, based on how I have learned to calmly respond to any criticism.


A wise person once told me: “Ignore the lower energies.”

If someone fears something or someone on a deeper level, they react to the world around them in different ways. One of these ways is through the act of criticizing other people.

Rather than get caught up in their fear, I have fun with the situation. Sometimes I ignore the lower energy entirely. Other times I may make a light joke about the matter to help the individual lighten up, relax and not take the situation so seriously.

I just responded to my list subscriber: “No worries. Yon can just open the email on Monday :)”

Because of course, it is 100% true.

In most cases, the individual will lighten up and laugh a little. In other cases, if they get more angry, eventually they will see how silly it is for an adult to get annoyed and all serious over something so trivial.

Either way, I never allow myself to get dragged down to the fear-based, unhappy, unclear energies that critics emit during their weaker, but human moments.


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