Identity as a Platform on the Cloud is Hot, Hot, Hot

Identity as a platform on the cloud is hot, hot, hot. Companies of all sizes are seeing identity management in the cloud as the future of online security. Many of the major tech companies have entered this space including Oracle, Google, AWS, IBM, and smaller competitors such as OneLogin as well. One company that is all about the identity cloud and is technology agnostic is Okta.

Recently, Okta CEO and co-founder Todd McKinnon talked about their unique platform called the Identity Cloud on CNBC Squawk Box:

Identity Cloud Connects All Technology

Our platform is called the Identity Cloud and what that means is it’s a cloud service that connects all of the technology that you can use at work or a customer uses on your website. It is easy for them to log in and makes it very secure and gives company visibility as to what’s happening with technology.

Every company is thinking about how they can use more technology, how they can do it securely, and how they can make everyone the most productive in their environment and we’re right in the middle of that.

Identity Now Has to be Its Own Platform

This generation of technology, cloud, and mobile, is different from past generations in that in every generation before identity has been part of other platforms, whether it was Windows or Oracle. Now, the pervasiveness of this idea of everyone needing to connect to everything and everything going online and everything going mobile has made it where identity needs to be its own platform.

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You have to be able to trust Identity to connect you to all the different technologies you want to use so that you are not beholden to one platform.

Not an Island in the Networks of Cyber Protection

Everyone wants their choice of technology and with choice sometimes comes disparate systems. We integrate it all together. You can get that choice, that best of breed, the right technology for the job while at the same time making that experience amazing for the end user, for your customers to be able to access your systems and for your employees.

Identity Cloud is For All Sizes of Businesses

The prospects for growth are tremendous, both in the US and internationally. This is a worldwide movement and in a lot of ways, we are just scratching the surface.

We help companies adapt to the cloud and we help them build better customer websites and mobile apps. These are being done by companies of all sizes. Whether you are a global 2000 or an SMB we can help them all with this unique cloud platform that can reach to the largest companies in the world down to the smallest businesses as well.

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