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Pitch, Promote, and Publish Your Press Release

Get your news on every available channel and pitch it immediately upon release to your relevant media contacts (remember: know your audience; help their readership). Newswires serve their purpose, but only 3% of journalists rely on the newswire, so why should you (2)?

Pitch your press release to journalists

I like to see who’s been talking about the press release topic in the past few months, covered our competitors, and has shown interest in our news in the past. It’s a lot of work, but having a media database like Cision, Agility, or Muck Rack makes this a lot more manageable. In fact, 65% of journalists would rather receive customized press releases segmented by product, industry, or theme, rather than one mass-audience distribution (3). For instance, I have different media lists for different types of press releases and then segment the media lists further for relevant messaging.

Submit your press release to participating publications

Some publications are great about submitting your press release (either by form or email), and if you follow all the above tips, you can likely get your press release featured. I maintain a list of publications for easier coverage, and I highly recommend creating your own list for quick reference.

Publish your press release on your website

Every organization’s website needs a pressroom to house media coverage and press releases. For one, you own the link to your press release — plus it helps drive more traffic to your website. Housing your press release in your own press section of your website creates more engagement opportunities through email newsletters, social media, etc.

Share your press release on social media

Never underestimate the power of social media. Share your press release on your company’s various social media handles, and encourage your team members to share as well. (This is especially easy with Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module.) Include your multimedia imagery to give the social posts extra umph, create a few varying versions, and piggyback off a few trending hashtags.

Press releases require great writing, thorough research, and deft distribution techniques — all of which requires a great deal of time and skill — but the pay-off can help get your business and offerings in front of your target audiences while also increasing brand awareness. Plus, they help you build brand credibility by getting featured in media publications. If you want to see how it’s done, visit Act-On’s pressroom to learn more!

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