Influencers More Engaged Than Ever During Coronavirus Pandemic

If you are thinking about roping in influencers to stay afloat in the coronavirus pandemic, you should go ahead with your plan.

Influencers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

According to the latest survey from Influence Central, influencers are seeing a surge in social media impressions and engagement across platforms during the coronavirus pandemic. This is because more and more followers are connecting to influencers for their content to get guidance.

In tough times, like now, people want to get more information from their trusted influencers.

Small businesses are often started out to help the local community. In the time of highly contagious coronavirus, you should also reach out to your audience to let them know that you care and you’re there to help them in every possible way.

And considering the growing engagement on influencers’ content in the wake of coronavirus, opting for influencer marketing campaigns to spread the word can be the best bet for your small business.

Influencer Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

When a crisis hits, people turn to trusted resources for guidance. Influencers are experts in their fields. So people turn to influencers for advice, tips, and recommendations, this is the reason why influencers are having a surge in social media impressions and engagement across all platforms.

In fact, 70% of influencers’ audiences are turning to them for guidance. And influencers are also doing their parts. 73% of influencers addressed the COVID-19 situation in their content, as the survey reports.

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Needless to say, a video is a highly effective form of content. So there is no surprise that 52% of influencers plan to create more video content going forward.

What Influencers Are Interested in

Influencers help their audiences in the time of crisis. Therefore, they want to create content that can make their audiences feel good in the gloomy time of COVID-19.

Influencers are interested in feel-good brand campaigns and philanthropic efforts to help their audiences in this unsettling time, as the survey states.

Being a small business owner, you also want to make your prospects and customers feel cared for. So you should partner with the right influencers and start amplifying feel-good content. Doing so will strengthen your bond with customers and prospects.

Also, you can take the help of influencers to let your customers know if there is any disruption in your service due to COVID-19.

89% of influencers, as the survey finds, are looking for ways to help small businesses during this difficult time. So you can easily find influencers to spread the word about how hard you’re trying to serve your customers in the best possible manner.

However, choosing the right influencers is the key to success.

How to Pick the Right Influencers for Your Campaigns

Influencers marketing, regardless of your objective, can be a wasted investment if you are not working with the right influencers. Merely going for the follower count will not help you pick the right influencers. Instead, you should look deeper.

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The following are some tips that can help you pick the right influencers for your campaigns:

  • Select the influencers who are closely relevant to your business
  • Check engagement (shares, likes, comments) on influencers’ posts
  • Check the reach and frequency of their posted content
  • Always go for influencers having a smaller ratio of sponsored content

Also, you should understand that influencers are not active only on one platform. They tend to engage with their audiences on multiple platforms.

Therefore,  you should go for influencers who interact with their audiences on more than one platform. The more, the better.

About the Survey

Influence Central surveyed 370 influencers to understand trendspotting in the time of COVID-19. If you want to know more about the survey, click here or look at the infographic below.


Influencers During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Image Source: Influence Central


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