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As the first of its kind Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Insightly Marketing is going to integrate marketing, sales, and project management into a single platform. And with this integration, businesses can better manage the entirety of the customer journey with a single solution.

What this means for marketing, sales and service teams is they have the exact same view of the customer. Consequently, there will be fewer mistakes, repetitions, and inefficiencies because they get the whole picture.

In the press release for the launch, Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly, addressed this aspect of the platform. Smith says, “Businesses today must address the complete customer and that means understanding the intricacies and value of each touchpoint.”

Smith adds, “By integrating marketing with project management and sales into a single platform, Insightly is revolutionizing the future of customer engagements by helping businesses deliver the right marketing initiatives with the right ROI.”

Addressing Customers’ Needs at All Touchpoints

The digital ecosystem is responsible for creating multiple customer touchpoints, which makes it a challenge to address all of them. And it is especially challenging for small businesses with limited resources.

In order to find out how businesses feel about marketing trends and challenges, Insightly carried out a survey of more than 440 businesses. The respondents include C-suite executives, mid-level managers, and CRM administrators.

Among the findings, the majority of businesses (54 %) say marketing is very important to their business growth. And close to one in five report they couldn’t run their business without it. That said, 11% do not integrate marketing and sales initiatives, while 42% only do it on occasion.

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Looking towards accurately measuring ROI

Insightly Marketing is built on the same platform as its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. As a result, it will provide a seamless and streamlined customer experience across all touchpoints.

Considering the study says the majority of businesses (56 percent) are still using Excel to manage marketing, there is a lot of room for improvement. Not only that, but 17% say they don’t use any technology. And over a third are not measuring how marketing contributes to their business.

With Insightly’s unified platform, it is possible for businesses to bring together their sales and marketing activities under one roof. As the company says, this will be a single source of truth on customer data. This will eliminate the need to integrate different systems and platforms and the compatibility issues it creates.

Key Features of Insightly Marketing

The new features will have advanced analytics which will give you the ability to analyze, visualize, and share customer engagement metrics. You can also see open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and more to determine what is working. Armed with this information you can make informed decisions about your campaign.

The CRM platform also includes better builds for templates to create customizable emails and newsletters; chart the course of discovery for the journeys of your customers, and a single source of all your customer’s data so everyone in your team can access it.


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