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What follows are our 10 most popular articles for March 2018, recognizing that articles we published earlier in the month are more likely to make the list than later ones.

How to Quickly Drop Seconds from a Site’s Load Time

A Think with Google research article, “Why marketers should care about mobile page speed,” concluded that complex pages — pages with many page elements and images — have lower conversion rates and, also, that slow pages have higher bounce rates. Read Article…

5 Content Marketing Ideas for April 2018

Need inspiration for your company’s April content marketing? Write about baseball, filmmaking, holidays, or springtime activities and shopping.  Read Article…

5 Ecommerce SEO Tactics to Try Today

Ecommerce marketers can use structured data, HTTPS protocol, product content, clean URLs, and search intent to improve search rankings and increase website traffic. Read Article…

Content Marketing Can Drive Long-tail SEO

A robust content marketing campaign may attract shoppers searching on long-tail keyword phrases, which could generate additional sales. The term “long tail” describes statistical distributions where there are many points, if you will, far from the peak or central part of a curve. Read Article…

6 Impressive B2B Ecommerce Sites

Offering a compelling ecommerce experience to B2B buyers requires a process of continuous improvement. It can be helpful to examine other B2B ecommerce sites, to learn. Grainger and Amazon Business are often cited as leading examples. Read Article…

How to Track Overall Marketing Performance for All Channels

Marketers typically measure the performance of campaigns and channels. For email, the key metrics could be opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and sales. For pay-per-click ads, it could be cost per click and cost per conversion. Read Article…

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19 Free Web Design Tools from Winter 2018

Utilizing free resources from the design community is a good way to add value to your website. Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from winter 2018. There are designer and developer apps, fonts, content tools, and more. All of these are free. Read Article…

Enable HTTP/2 for Happier Customers, Better SEO

Enabling your company’s website to use HTTP/2 could result in better performance, happier customers, and improved rankings on search engines. All of that, in turn, could help your site generate more traffic, more conversions, and more profit. Read Article…

When Hiring an SEO Pro, Look for These 11 Skills

Hiring a search engine optimization professional is challenging. It’s relatively easy for a would-be practitioner to portray “book-learning” as actual, on-the-job experience. But I’m a firm believer in the importance of soft skills — personal qualities that enable someone to work well in a role with others. Read Article…

Use Google Analytics to Audit PPC Traffic

In this post, I’ll describe a process for auditing the reporting of PPC traffic in Google Analytics. I’ll offer guidance on identifying issues with PPC reporting, with insights for how to troubleshoot and fix reporting errors. Read Article…

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