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Hey! Are you planning on to expanding your business? Because I have a better hosting suggestion for you.

Expansion is the primary motive of every business. We want to go ahead and achieve more success. But, there is always something that becomes an obstacle.

Here the obstacle could be shared hosting. It is not like shared hosting is unsuitable hosting for your business, but it hinders progress after a while.

It has certain limits and requires sharing of server space and resources. If you continue to share the server, it might affect the incoming traffic.

That is why I recommend you switch to VPS hosting for more productivity. It will enhance a lot of things in general like performance, speed, smoothness, etc.

Moreover, VPS hosting has the power to handle heavy traffic. It doesn’t limit or affect the website’s performance because of it. In fact, VPS offers an isolated environment for more privacy.

There are no chances of a server down here. No website is going to leave an impact on your site’s performance, which will result in better efficiency and output.

The Gist of VPS Hosting Services

Virtual Private Server is a hosting service that holds your web content on the webserver. With this hosting, you get a completely isolated surrounding.

When I say isolated environment, it also means that you don’t share any part of the server with other users. You enjoy the space and resources wholly.

Because of more space and resources, productivity increases resulting in improved output.

As your website starts to grow and receive more traffic, shared hosting cannot handle the load. It is less efficient in that case. But VPS hosting holds power and can manage heavier traffic.

It will cost you a bit more than shared hosting, but it is worth every investment.

Furthermore, you can go for MilesWeb’s VPS hosting services. They are reasonable and will cost you less. If you don’t have a high budget, then MilesWeb is the perfect option.

MilesWeb is one of the leading and best web hosting in UAE and India. With their low-cost hosting, they also focus on quality services, so you don’t have to worry about that too.

MilesWeb’s VPS Services

MilesWeb offers Linux and Windows VPS hosting services. They have both options of unmanaged & managed VPS hosting plans. If you have the technical knowledge and can handle the server, you can simply opt for self-managed VPS plans.

As I mentioned that they are inexpensive, you can also enjoy a 25% discount on any plan you buy. The offer is valid if you buy any plan for 3years. But it is less investment.

Here’s an overview of managed plans –

Managed Linux VPS plans start from Rs. 630/m and Windows VPS plans start from Rs. 1,260/m after the 25% discount. There are many plans under both hosting services. You can check your needs for resources and opt for the required VPS plan.

MilesWeb has experts who would look after your server if opted for managed services. They will provide you with 24/7 assistance and help you expand the business.

Better hosting service also contributes to ranking factors of the website. It will help in generating more traffic and eventually more sales. So, shifting to MilesWeb’s VPS plans will benefit you.

Unmanaged VPS plans can work well for users who are good at technical skills. If you think you can manage the server, you can go for unmanaged VPS plans.

Unmanaged VPS plans start from Rs. 480/m and windows unmanaged plans start from Rs. 945/m after the 25% discount.

Migration is also easy with MilesWeb. If you are hosting with another host, MilesWeb’s team will help you transfer your files. Plus, you can upgrade anytime. There is no restriction in upgrading or switching hostings.

What Features does MilesWeb offer?

Dedicated IP

You will get one dedicated IP address with all VPS plans. This will be a unique address, which you will not share with other users. As you will have a dedicated IP address, it will secure your server from threats.

24/7 Human Support

MilesWeb’s expert team is available to assist you 24/7. You can reach out to them using chat or email tickets, and they will support you with the same.

SSH Root Access

As you hold full control over the server, you can customize and manage as you want. The entire virtual server and resources are dedicated to your website. So, you can monitor, manage and configure hosting.

High Uptime

MilesWeb offers guaranteed 99.99% uptime for your website. You don’t need to worry about availability as there will be no server downtime.

Plus, bounce rates will decrease and result in high performing websites.


It is the right time to switch to VPS hosting if you are receiving heavier traffic. VPS is more powerful and offers a better hosting experience. You will have private space, dedicated resources, and users to hinder the progress. With VPS hosting, you can expand the business and generate more sales.

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