new guide how to speed up wordpress

New Guide: How to Speed Up WordPress – A Beginner’s Guide

A major complaint we often here about WordPress (almost always from relatively inexperienced users) is that it’s slow – or at least slower than simple static sites. And while there may be some truth in that, there isn’t really a whole lot. Why? Because although an out-of-the-box WordPress install running on low-grade shared hosting may well be pretty slow (all the more so if also made to run a heavy theme and various complex plugins), there’s plenty of things you can do (once you know what they are) to have WordPress running very, very fast indeed (often with a load time in the order of one or two seconds per post/page).

Interested in learning how to speed up WordPress?

…introducing yet another new in-depth beginners’ guide (in addition to the many we’ve already published) covering everything you need to know on the subject:

How to Speed Up WordPress – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners.


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