Salesforce, Zapier, Pipedrive & Other Featured MailChimp Integrations

Running a small business often requires tackling multiple tasks at once, and staying on top of everything you need to do—from marketing to order fulfillment—is enough to make any business owner’s head spin. Using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a great way to maintain relevant and personalized interactions with your customers. A CRM lets you to store all your customer data in one place, so you can easily track how these relationships grow and change as your business does. This month, we’re highlighting 4 CRM integrations that sync smoothly with MailChimp, so you can start using our powerful marketing automation and e-commerce tools to engage with your customers.

MailChimp for Salesforce

With the MailChimp for Salesforce app, you can automatically pass information for your Salesforce leads and contacts to MailChimp. Once connected, you have the option to turn MailChimp subscribers into Salesforce leads, send segmented campaigns based on detailed customer data, and view your campaign reports and activity within Salesforce.

Connect with Salesforce


If you’re looking for a better way to manage your company’s sales, Pipedrive is a management tool designed to meet the needs of small sales teams. The integration syncs easily with MailChimp, so you can send targeted emails to the customized segments you’ve created in Pipedrive.

Connect with Pipedrive


OnePageCRM’s powerful MailChimp integration makes it easy to combine lead generation with email marketing. You’re can choose whether you want to sync your full list or a few select contacts from each account, send segmented campaigns and automations to nurture leads, automatically generate new leads in OnePageCRM from your embedded MailChimp signup form, and create tags to organize your contacts.

Connect with OnePageCRM


Zapier is a handy tool that gives you the power to connect your MailChimp account with a wide range of services, such as CRMs. If you don’t see the CRM you want to use listed in our Integrations Directory, Zapier will help you start syncing data automatically from any CRM directly to MailChimp.

Connect with Zapier

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