SheerSEO Review

SheerSEO Review

According to research, it has been identified that almost 70 percent of search engine users (such as Google) will only work with the results they find on the first page. Therefore, as a business owner, I needed to reach the top ten results of the search engine.

Now, it is vital to understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functions, and, based on that understanding, always observe your progress and improvement. For businesses operating in competitive markets, reaching the first page is not a one-off achievement, but rather a consistent effort of understanding, learning, observing, and modifying your websites accordingly.

An SEO software like SheerSEO, in this regard, allows you to save valuable time in gathering data, while simultaneously enabling you to gain access to priceless information and data that will assist you in making future SEO actions.

Next, I will review some of the critical services out of the extensive range that SheerSEO provides.

1) Track ranking in search engines:

One of SEO’s objectives is to improve the website’s ranking in the major search engines. While you can easily do this for a small number of search terms, it is tougher to monitor a large number of search terms and to remember the ranking of a specific search term at a given point in time.

The best thing about SheerSEO is that it can track multiple search terms rankings in Google and Bing. Once a week, it will perform this monitoring by itself, which means that I can save a lot of time by not having to collect this information manually and invest that time elsewhere.

Now, selecting the box at the top left-hand side of the page, you can choose to see the results either on Bing or on Google. This option permits you to compare the results and derive further insights.

You can also sort the columns in either ascending or descending order. Press the header of the column to sort the results. Moreover, when working with numerous keywords, the segmentation option will help you assemble keywords in clusters or tags, and then filter the view according to those tags.

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Also, it is worth noting that, sometimes, ranking varies according to countries, and even according to areas within countries. SheerSEO allowed me to view localized results per country, producing more specific and, therefore, meaningful information.

The reports can be emailed as CSV (Comma Separated Values), which can be further processed by Microsoft Excel. Moreover, you can also export it as a PDF file.

The basic version of the website collects properties such as the ranking of your website, the URL that appears in the search results, the change since the last data retrieval, and the historical data for the particular search term that you are analyzing.

However, since I am using the advanced version of SheerSEO, I can gain access to more properties, including the search volume number, average cost-per-click, estimated, and real clicks.

Lastly, a distinct aspect of SheerSEO’s ‘track ranking’ facility is the provision for SERP features. These features were added by Google a few years ago, which are helpful to users but reduce the number of clicks that organic results get. What SheerSEO does is, it shows all the SERP features identified in every keyword, and indicate if your particular website is presented in any of those features:

The ‘search’ features also allow you to filter the results.

2) Keyword Explorer:

Perhaps the most crucial step in any SEO process is to choose the best keywords to focus on. Using SheerSEO’s keyword explorer, I was able to get keyword suggestions based on several methods. The recommendations are made according to competitor analysis, related keywords, or from Google keyword planner.

The tips are complemented with highly useful information, such as search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty. All of this allows you to design a keyword that will help you improve your website’s ranking.

Lastly, Keyword Explorer has the potential to produce thousands of suggestions. At times, this can be too much to handle, and so, using multiple criteria, you can filter these suggested keywords. These criteria include search volume, number of words, keyword difficulty, rank, estimated clicks, CPC, and competition index:

3) Estimate the keywords’ traffic potential:

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Once you have compiled all the suggested keywords, the next step is to estimate how the amount of traffic each keyword can generate for your website. Using data from Google Keyword Tool, SheerSEO embeds information about the potential of each keyword.

For every keyword, the software will estimate the monthly search volume, as well as the estimated number of visits. This is an example of how the final result would appear:

  • The ‘Search Volume’ column portrays the total number of searches performed for each keyword over the last month. This is critical in determining the potential of a specific keyword.
  • The ‘Estimated Clicks’ section shows an estimate of the current visits you should expect from that keyword, depending on the rank and the monthly search volume.

Additionally, this feature helps you view the summarized estimated traffic from all the natural search. This summary would include things like the number of keywords in Google’s first page, total citation flow boost, average Google rank, and the total monthly estimated clicks.

SheerSEO brags several other features, such as SEO audit, backlink analysis, directory submission, tracking competitors, alongside several others – making this the one-stop forum for all your SEO requirements. The true extent of its services can only be fully understood once you use the software, just like I did. In conclusion, optimizing search engines is an ongoing battle for modern-day business and one that they need to win every single time. I think it is safe to say that SheerSEO is an essential bit of ammunition in that regard. Having this software in your armory significantly improves your chances of winning this battle and defeating not only your competitors but also your previous records and numbers. Moreover, the time you save by employing this software, can be effectively used in other areas of your business

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