The top 3 online PDF file converters

The top 3 online PDF file converters

A portable document format, shortly known as PDF, is a read-only document that allows people to send the information to others with more safety. It is not possible to open a PDF file without a password that provides high protection to a document. However, converting PDF documents to a required format is really a challenging one because it requires some software applications for ensuring optimal results. There are many ways available today that provide ways to transform PDF files into word files. However, it is necessary to make a detailed study about them from different sources for making the right decision. An online conversion service is an ideal one for those who want to convert the PDF files to a desired format in quick turnaround time.

Here are the top 3 online PDF file converters that allow users to perform the conversion process with the latest features.

1. WPS PDF converter

WPS PDF converter is one of the popular online platforms that allow users to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint format accurately. In fact, this online software comes with unique features allowing users to gain more advantages. It works on windows operating systems and also has an app that gives ways to convert batches of documents without any difficulties.

The PDF converter is available with a list of command options where users can drag the files directly to a converting program. Another thing is that it gives ways to split and merge the documents which can help make various things accordingly. It is possible to convert files into DOCX with ultra-high speed. There is no registration required for the users when they want to perform instant conversion.

In addition, the converter comes with a writing program, one for presentations, and another one for creating spread-sheets. Although the office suit is completely free, users can also choose premium and professional versions which fit their specific requirements. The online converter maintains the original layouts while converting the documents. It becomes an easy one to export a new document in a number of different formats with layout intact.

2. is one of the best online PDF converters that enable users to transform files to other formats and vice-versa. The online converter provides the option to compress the PDF files without losing the quality. Moreover, it lets users delete unnecessary pages from PDF files while uploading them. No third parties can access them because the converter provides high protection for users. Furthermore, the converter works on all browsers and on all platforms that fulfil the expectations of a user.

Besides that, the converter makes feasible ways to unlock the protected PDF file that can help format documents efficiently. It even allows users to sort pages of PDF files based on their choices. Those who want to organize the pages of a file can utilize the converter for meeting essential needs. The converter is an ideal one for extracting, rotating, and organizing PDF pages accordingly.

It allows users to change the metadata and add page numbers of the PDF files. In addition to that, it paves ways to repair damaged PDF files by addressing the essential needs of users. It enables a user to extract images and other things from a PDF file to ensure better results. The file converter paves ways to add watermark, header, and footer to PDF files after uploading a document online. It is possible to recognize text from a PDF file by using the OCR tool offered by the converter.

All services are free for users and there is no need to download anything on a computer.

3. TalkHelper PDF converter

TalkHelper online PDF converter is an easy use to application that comes with UX and UI programs. The app is a simple one to download which comes with outstanding tools. It allows users to export and import the data which gives ways to make the process a smooth one. The converter enables users to create and edit PDF files smoothly. Also, the software contributes more to see the PDF and digital books in 3D due to the page flip technologies. Besides that, it gives ways to control the document by changing the content and customizing a file structure. It is very suitable for those who don’t want scanners and still need to sign a lot of contracts and other documents. Some other features offered by the software include powerful editing, security attributes, bookmarking, and cooperation. The converter enables users to modify the files after blocking an article. One can drag and drop the files on the converter which quickly transforms PDF files into editable documents. Users should choose the required format after dragging the files. The highlighting feature is not available in the free version and one can choose premium version for converting PDF files depending on the requirements.

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