Swinburne Nextcloud Storage – Aptira

Swinburne staff now have a stable and performant web-based storage service where they can upload, manage and share on-premises data.

As the uptake of the service increases, IT staff also have the confidence that the service can be scaled out to handle the increasing interest from users.

By recommending applications with an external API, Aptira made sure that Swinburne’s ITSM system would easily integrate with Nextcloud and satisfy Swinburne’s requirement to have a single pane of glass for all user service requests. With ITSM integration, Swinburne IT have also gained a charge-back capability to recover costs from other departments.

The solution was built with 100% open source components, reducing vendor lock-in.

While Aptira is happy to recommend and deploy greenfield DevOps infrastructure to support a company’s CICD needs, this project showed that we can also customise our solutions to fit in with our customers’ existing DevOps infrastructure, configuring a complete deployment pipeline for provisioning the entire solution.

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