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How Adobe Does Marketing: A Case Study

Adobe is a multibillion-dollar corporation — in 2018, their annual revenue hit a record $9.03 billion (24% YoY) and their market cap is $134.5 billion — that has grown significantly by having the best products. Still, you can’t discount smart marketing when evaluating their success. For those of you who are too young to remember, …

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Apigee API Translation – Aptira

API translation between different solution components is always required for an application to run. Integrating many different software components or products can be relatively easy if they can communicate with each other through a single communication channel. Thus, having a single API gateway which can be used by all other components for seamless communication among …

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Implementing TMF APIs in Apigee

In order to support and enable the customer’s roadmap of transforming these IT systems and to enable seamless integration of these systems with the orchestration platform, a common API framework using standard Telemanagement Forum (TMF) APIs was proposed. TMF defines a set of guidelines, standardizing the way IT systems interact to manage and deliver complex …

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Apigee Central Logging – Aptira

Aptira’s Solutionauts came up with an innovative idea: use the API Gateway component of the solution to implement this central logging capability. This approach would remove the need for significant custom development and avoid the introduction of tools that were only used for the evaluation and had no place in a production environment. The API …

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How to Get More Responses From Cold Emails

NOW WITH MORE! This post was updated for 2019 to include more actionable info to get better responses from your cold e-mails. Before reading this action-packed, example-laden article, check out our 3-minute video on cold emails from our Leveling Up YouTube channel: Cold email is dead…or at least it is for people who don’t know …

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Apigee: On-Prem Vs SaaS – Aptira

We have selected Apigee for this project due to its extensive set of features that satisfied the customer requirements. Aptira designed a deployment architecture for Apigee, taking into consideration the volume of API traffic from the many integration points, Tenancy, Security and Networking. Apigee out of the box supports 2 types of deployment – Software-as-a-Service …

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