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In today’s modern landscape, humans have become fixated on experiences. Everything from foregoing homeownership for traveling around the world, to their experience in a restaurant are all shared online for the world to see. The experience that a consumer has (before and after purchase) can be the difference from a long-time customer, or online adversary. 

Just how important is this experience? In a study run by our team at Oracle as far back as 2011, we found that 86% of buyers would pay more for better service. The competitive landscape for customer attention is becoming increasingly competitive and brands that provide an exceptional customer experience will win the hearts and wallets of consumers. 

But what makes for a good (or bad) customer experience? To help answer that question, we tapped into the brains of some of today’s top marketers who have been kind enough to share their own personal consumer experiences*. 

*To warn you, some of these tales are not for the faint-hearted and we ask that you promise never to repeat some of these customer service faux pas. 

Ready to learn more? 


Share Your Favorite Customer Experience Tales?

Help your fellow customer focused marketers learn from these successes and failures. Simply click on your favorite quote(s) below to share the good, the bad and the ugly customer experience tales that you learned.

Lee Odden


Do your homework and understand the customer. [click to tweet]

— Lee Odden 



Build that relationship before the sale. [click to tweet]

— Jay Baer



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Automated emails aren’t automagic. [click to tweet]

— Emily Crume




Every marketer can learn from great customer care, communication, attention to detail, and empathy for the buyer. [click to tweet]

— Katie Martell

Matt Heinz



How do you make yourself someone’s favorite? [click to tweet]

— Matt Heinz



Nate Riggs


The smallest, truly personalized effort causes brands to stick in the mind of the consumer. [click to tweet]

— Nate Riggs

Shelly Kramer


You can lose income by leaving the customer in charge of the relationship. [click to tweet]

— Shelly Kramer


Mack Collier


Brands should be doing everything they can to thank their happy customers. [click to tweet]

— Mack Collier


What Lessons Have You Learned?

As a consumer yourself, what have your personal consumer experiences taught you? 

Have they impacted the way that you market to your customers? 

How much of your customer experience is left to chance? Download Customer Experience Simplified: Deliver The Experience Your Customers Want to learn how to craft an expertly planned experience for your customers. 

Customer Experience Simplified

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